Rock Sins Spotify Weekly Playlist – 8th March 2022 – Pixies, Bleed From Within, Porcupine Tree and more!

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It’s a new week which means we’re back with another playlist update for you all!

There’s some brand new music from Pixies who still sounded as wonderful as they ever! A crushing new track from the Glasgwegian metal mob, Bleed From Within as well as another ever so anticipated song from Porcupine Tree.

We’ve got tracks from Yves Tumor and God Is An Astronaut who are both on tour in the UK as you read this! (Unless you read this next week, in which case you missed it. Soz.) There is also music from Ireland’s The Scratch will be doing a special St Patrick’s day performance at The Underworld in London on 17th March – Be sure to check them out and pick up a ticket!

To round things up there’s music from so more up and coming bands such as downcast, Your Misery and Wounded Touch who we would strongly recommend you check out!

There’s tons more to check out, so get onto it and be sure to follow the playlist for updates.

Rock Sins Spotify Weekly Playlist – 8th March 2022

  • Pixies – Human Crime
  • Bleed From Within – Levitate
  • Porcupine Tree – Of The New Day
  • The Scratch – Pull Your Jocks Up (Live)
  • Arab Strap – Aphelion
  • Yves Tumor – Jackie
  • Meshuggah – Light The Shortening Fuse
  • PUP – Matilda
  • Just Mustard – Still
  • Septicflesh – Hierophant
  • downcast – mistakes that i have made
  • Placebo – Happy Birthday In The Sky
  • Kublai Khan – Loyal to None
  • LoveSick Radio – I Need A Little
  • Guided By Voices – Never Mind The List
  • Soviet Soviet – Change with the Sun
  • Terror – Can’t Help but Hate (feat George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher)
  • Your Misery – No Hope
  • Wounded Touch – Translating Threats In Morse Code
  • God Is An Astronaut – All Is Violent, All Is Bright (Live)

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