State Champs Are Throwing A Party With New Track ‘Everybody But You’


From Albany, New York, State Champs have been a well-known name in the pop punk music scene for many years after forming in 2010. The band have released three full-length albums – the most recent being in 2018, but have since released an array of singles and covers over the years. 

Now, they have released their latest single: Everybody But You

The song sticks to the State Champ’s musical style, which, though it has evolved over the years has always been recognisable as the band’s sound. Any fans of the band will instantly love the ranting anger of the lyrics, whilst remaining catchy and good fun. Furthermore, the track also features Neck Deep’s frontman Ben Barlow who, aside from being another extremely well known vocalist in the scene, has been friends with State Champs for many years. The bands have toured together in the past and sang together at shows, but have not collabed on a track until now. Fans are already enjoying the collaboration as it already has half a million streams on Spotify.

The band have also shared a music video for the song that sees them throwing a house party as told in the song’s lyrics and humorously includes Ben Barlow singing his part of the song through a video call on a phone.

Watch the video below:


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