Motionless In White – Scoring The End Of The World

Motionless In White - Scoring The End Of The World Album Cover Artwork

Motionless In White as a band have been harder to characterize over time. With each new release comes a new look and a new sound. Each different era managing to keep long term fans on their toes.

Scoring The End of The World sees the Pennsylvania Phantoms go full Cyber Goth. Honestly if you have been paying any kind of attention to them over the last decade, this stylistic choice seems inevitable, starting with the introduction of more industrial elements on 2012’s Infamous.

It’s a choice that has paid off in spades with the band’s most consistent, fun & unfiltered album in years. There is a clear direction and through line here, that has been missing from other releases, making Scoring The End of The World, a lean and focused effort.

Album opener Meltdown sounds like a more sinister cousin to Parasite Eve by Bring Me The Horizon and kicks off the album in a suitably apocalyptic fashion. In short, humans are fucked and it’s all our fault.

As is par for the course with Motionless In White there are moments where things take a turn for the cheesy, but the band has enough self awareness that it never devolves into cringe territory. In anyone else’s hands the Rockwell hook from Somebody’s Watching Me that creeps into Werewolf, or the “How do I apologise and put the tears back in your eyes” lyric from Masterpiece would surely earn you a cease & desist from Dairylea, but here they add to the album’s charm.

Signs of Life & Cause of Death both aim to put the bounce in the mosh pit. They are swirling, riff laden monsters, that will surely become live favourites as they sound huge here.  Red, White & Boom is another colossal banger with more bounce than a space hopper warehouse,and a killer feature from Caleb Shomo of Beartooth fame

Features are the order of the hour, as we are also treated to the siren-like vocals of Lindsay Schoolcraft on lead single Cyberhex. Bryan Garris from Knocked Loose bulldozes his way through the bruising Slaughterhouse, which is comfortably the album’s heaviest track. Mick Gordon lends his expertise to the album’s title track, which closes the album out sounding like the gnarliest rave in the bowels of hell.

Scoring The End of The World also features some of the band’s more introspective moments in the delicate sounding Porcelain, as well as the melancholic sequel Burned At Both Ends II, which is one of the best songs the band has ever written.

Motionless In White are a band that has always rolled the dice and bet on themselves. With each new album, they take a step further to greatness. On Scoring The End of The World, they have created their most complete record. Cleverly, the band takes all the best parts of what makes them the band they are and has built an album and sound that will not only reward their long term fans, but will also bring them legions of new ones. This is Motionless In White’s defining moment that will take then from infamous underdogs to undeniable superstars.

Scoring The End Of The World is released June 10th 2022 on Roadrunner Records. Pre-orders are available directly from the band’s web store.

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