Deaf Havana w/ Trunc – Live Review & Photo Gallery From Pryzm, Kingston, 15th July 2022

Lloyd-Shaw Photography

After a short hiatus Deaf Havana are back with a brand new album The Present is a Foreign Land. To celebrate them being back with full force, Deaf Havana rocked out for Banquet Records at Prism on Friday 15th July. 

Trunc opened the show, fresh meat from Manchester this three piece knew how to get the crowd going. Full of energy from start to finish you can’t help but get pulled in, even with a slight drum kit malfunction they still had the full attention of the crowd. Queer angry punk music that’s cleverly joyful, easily putting anyone in a great mood. 

It was clear how excited Trunc where to support Deaf Havana, even pointing out they’ve been fans for years and had been trying to keep their cool while backstage with them. They even kitted out their drum kit the night before, drawing there logo on with sharpie, it was so well done you couldn’t tell it was hand drawn. 

This was Trunc’s first show as Trunc but they are without question one’s to watch, so get ready to watch this band grow!

With their short hiatus worrying their fans, as well as themselves, that it might have been the end of their great run, Friday showed this is as far away from an end for them. They hit us with stunning tracks from the new album, but mainly blessed us with golden oldies. Quoting themselves as getting older, that didn’t stop them from putting on an impeccable show. 

The crowd was just as thrilled to see them back on stage as they were to play, in small moments throughout the night James and Matt had giant grins on their faces watching the crowd in awe. They weren’t alone for this show, they had a full band, not their old line up, but just as good, maybe even better. 

The new tracks heard, were classic Deaf Havana but pumped up, it shows the passion they have for music isn’t going away anytime soon. Noticeably it’s written through lockdown, this is their way of working through the hard times, and for the fans to help them through theirs. If you need something to show you’re not alone out there, Deaf Havana’s music will show you, you’re not! 

They closed the show with Sinner and by this point the crowd were all friends with smiles ear to ear, singing with each other. Everyone left the show feeling they could take on the world, resilient, ready for anything. If you’re feeling alone and unsure go give The Present is a Foreign Land a listen and if you’re not, still go give it a listen – you won’t regret it. 

To see more photos from the night check out the live photo gallery below:


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