Jamie T- The Theory of Whatever

After an agonising five and a half year wait, JAMIE T is back with his brand new album The Theory Of Whatever, and it was definitely worth the wait!

The album itself is a celebration of everything that makes JAMIE T great. With heavy instrumentation, complex harmonies and rap-like vocals unique to the South London born musician, the album celebrates a more intense and complex love than seen in previous work.

It begins with 90s Cars which perfectly encapsulates the running theme of love. The song rings with the artist’s classic melodies and is reminiscent of summers spent in the park with your closest friends, drinking and laughing long after the sun sets. Simply put, 90s Cars, as well as the album in general, wraps us in a nostalgic haze and refuses to let go even after it has ended.

The journey continues with songs like British Hell, Keying Lamborghinis, and Between The Rocks and ends with arguably two of the best songs on the album: Old Republican and 50,000 Unmarked Bullets.

Old Republican and 50,000 Unmarked Bullets truly display the maturing of JAMIE T’s songwriting and musical skills compared to that of his previous albums. The former begins with a comforting guitar and vocal performance that escalates into a full band and feels wholly different to anything heard from the songwriter in the past. But it is 50,000 Unmarked Bullets that steals the show on this album. With a lyrical focus underlined by piano and soft harmonies throughout, the song is vivid, sharp, emotive, and is the perfect end to an all-round fantastic album.

The album is not revolutionary. It is made clear very early on that the South Londoner has kept to his roots and produced an album not dissimilar to his previous, but that does not mean The Theory Of Whatever is bland or difficult to listen to. Instead, T’s fifth studio album is a clear indication of growth. Not just the musical, mental, and physical growth of its charming writer over the fifteen years since the release of his first album, but the growth of his listeners.

The Theory Of Whatever is a fun, heartfelt album that will make you smile a little bit brighter, walk a little bit more jauntily, and laugh a little bit louder, and is an essential listen in 2022.

The Theory Of Whatever is out now via Polydor Records.

For more information on JAMIE T, like his offical page on Facebook.

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