Jimmy Eat World Release New Acoustic Version of Anthemic Single ‘Something Loud’


Jimmy Eat World deliver their anthemic single Something Loud in acoustic form alongside a companion video. The original track was released back in June and continues to gain momentum on streaming platforms and radio across America. On this acoustic version lead singer and guitarist Jim Adkins went broader in his musical contributions. In addition to guitar and vocals, he also shared drum duties with Zach Lind, who adds tambourine, a gong and xylophone. Rick Burch then plays bass while Tom Linton handles acoustic and electric guitar responsibilities with Adkins and everyone can be heard joining in on backing and gang vocals.

To connect the acoustic version of Something Loud with its predecessor, Jimmy Eat World filmed everything themselves in one day at their studio in Tempe, Arizona. This version somewhat parallels the rock version, but it’s scaled back to reflect a more minimal-sounding approach, while keeping that simple, close-knit live performance.

Keeping with that DIY ethos and partly due to the pandemic the musicians expanded their skill sets in the process.

“(Adkins) I recorded, mixed, filmed and edited the thing — took about a week all-in. A lot of it was hitting the spacebar to record, then running into the garage to play whatever was set up, while hitting record on my camera app on my phone to start the video recording.”

Watch the Something Loud (Acoustic Version) video below.

The final product is a beautifully crafted rendition of a turbo-charged track that holds its own within the band’s rich catalog. This is what Adkins had to say on the creation of the track:

“We thought it would be fun to make a stripped-down, alt version of ‘Something Loud’ along with some kind of video element. As we recorded parts, we filmed it. So what you’re watching is what you’re hearing.”


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