Alexisonfire Live At O2 Academy Brixton, London, 22nd October 2022

With their new album Otherness finally released this year, Alexisonfire embarked on their first full UK tour in 12 years. Since their reunion in 2015 it’s felt like they were building to this and at O2 Academy Brixton they cemented what a victory this has been for them.

Boston Manor (6) are bit of an odd choice tonight. The former pop-punk turned alt-rock band initially receive a somewhat cold reaction despite their best efforts. They attack their set with plenty of energy and enthusiasm and over the 45 minutes they do gradually win people over. It’s all just a bit lightweight though and doesn’t make any lasting impact on the night.

Alexisonfire (10) have been on majestic form for a good few years now, once their comeback really started to take off in 2018, and this show was no different. From the moment they burst into Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints it is just flawless set and the singalong from the crowd that greets this song is a reminder just how much fans adore this band. Immediately following it with Boiled Frogs leads to even more chaos down in the crowd. The biggest surprise comes when they play Sans Soleil third though, and the crowd singalong like it’s a beloved classic and not a song they released a few months ago. The new material they do play fits so nicely into the set and really adds even more depth to what Alexisonfire have to offer, but Sans Soleil just provided such a beautiful moment.

There’s a great balance across the whole set between bangers such as Accidents and 44 Caliber Love Letter with the slower more contemplative material, particularly the songs from Otherness, but those songs just have such a mesmerising quality. The band are just on the best form as well, looking cooler than anyone else and sounding so tight. George Petit is such a great focal point for the band and constantly keeps the crowd fired up, especially when he drops a “fuck the Tories” mosh call in the rowdiest version of Dogs Blood possible.

Young Cardinals wraps up the main portion of the set in spectacular fashion but it’s the encore of Committed to the Con, This Could Be Anywhere In The World and Happiness By The Kilowatt (which also featured Wade MacNeil dropping in some Neil Diamond) that is the highlight of the whole gig. There’s a reason why fans call Alexisonfire the only band ever and it’s shows like this, and with a new album breathing even more life into the band, hopefully this second phase of Alexisonfires’ career long continues.

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