Evanescence And Within Temptation Live Review From O2 Arena, London, 14th November 2022

Evanescence live at the O2 Arena captured by Jemma Dodd

After being rescheduled more than once due to the old Rona, Evanescence finally brought their Worlds Collide tour to the UK, with their pals Within Temptation and they certainly did not disappoint.

Taking a trip through a graveyard through a backdrop of dark visuals, Within Temptation start off the show with Our Solemn Hour to a sea of pumping fists from the crowd through a haze of red lights. 

“I can’t live in a fairytale of lights” sings vocalist Sharon den Adel on Faster whilst looking like a fallen angel in her own gothic fairytale. As both guitarists join her at the front of the stage they are greeted by cheers and love from the audience.

Between songs, Sharon takes a moment to explain she’s struggling with a cold and hoarse throat, but from her dreamy operatic notes you wouldn’t have guessed as her voice was on point. “If your country was invaded would you defend it?” she asks before grabbing a huge Ukrainian flag and waving it in solidarity throughout Raise Your Banner.

In a heart to heart with the crowd, Sharon takes a moment to remember her father. “He has gone to a better life and all I hope is that the universe will bring us together once more”. As they start to play Supernova, it is clear that the song is personal and brings the room together on their own feelings of trauma and loss. “I’m waiting for you, Supernova”, words sung that cut deep to all.

With visuals akin to a Game of Thrones battle scene, The Reckoning came in heavy to an onslaught of cheer bringing their classic heavy symphonic sound together with an Arabian style melody, whilst Don’t Pray for Me had everyone hands grabbing at their chests singing in unison, “Every time you bow down your head to pray – don’t pray for me!”

After a quick outfit change, Sharon reappears in a beautiful floor length red dress and hooks herself into an aerial hoop before being hoisted in the air for a whimsical rendition of All I Need. With eyes transfixed above, she leads the audience into a a wave of arms swinging side to side and phone lights dancing cohesively around the room.

To close the set, WT have the floor shouting “What have you done? What have you done, now?” alongside visuals of Mina Caputo leading the chant on What Have You Done immediately followed by the band and crowd chanting “Until the end of time she goes her way” the title track from their 2000’s album, Mother Earth. The ideal closing song for their set, bringing the crowd together and leaving everyone on a nostalgic high.


Up next, Evanescence take to the stage with Amy Lee’s angelically haunting voice automatically demanding attention as she appears in front of a sun-like glow. As she’s quickly followed by the rest of the band, drummer Will Hunt’s thunderous drumming simultaneously bring the band together and being centre stage also manages to steal the show.

“What’s up London!” Amy shouts before coming in heavy for the next round. With songs such as Broken Pieces Shine, Take Cover and Wasted on You taken from their latest release, The Bitter Truth, Evanescence prove how technically tight they are together and appear to have a great time doing it. Between songs, Amy gives a heartfelt apology for the tour delay and expresses how grateful they are for the turnout, which is met with a thunderous applause from the crowd which continues into the opening riff of Going Under.

Evanescence live at the O2 Arena captured by Jemma Dodd

Despite the uproar, there hasn’t been much movement from the audience throughout the entire show, but as Amy takes to the keys for Far From Heaven and Your Star it’s plain to see that the crowd is taking in every word she’s singing, as her voice transcends around the arena.

Call Me When You’re Sober and Imaginary were the highlights of the evening with hardcore fans at the front of the stage causing commotion and the entire audience singing along. It’s clear that Imaginary holds special place in the hearts of some fans with several spectators out of their seats to sing along. There was barely a soul that couldn’t help but chant “PAPER FLOOOWERSSS” back at the band.

Evanescence live at the O2 Arena captured by Jemma Dodd

As the night came to a close, Amy hopped back onto a matte black grand piano that emerged from the stage floor to host a singalong of My Immortal to a sea of waving phone torches and lighter flames. Funnily enough the audience came to life at the end of the show during Bring Me To Life, which whilst it’s great to end on a high, that energy would have been great if consistent.


Overall, despite the audience having a serious case of Monday Mourning, Within Temptation and Evanescence put on two great performances playing songs off their latest releases and back catalogues but still managed to prove why after 20+ years in the game they both continue to reign supreme.

Check out more photos from the night, captured by Jemma Dodd below.


  1. “Monday Mourning” due to a constant battering of sound even well back from the stage and speakers. It was more akin to an assault on the eardrums as torture which spoiled and otherwise good show and terrific light display particularly during Within Temptations stint.


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