Rock Sins Weekly Playlist 11th November 2022

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t’s that time once again! The Rock Sins Playlist has been refilled for your listening pleasure. 20 new tracks all across the rock, metal and alternative musical spectrum. This week we also give a nod to the Download Festival 2023 announcement with three classics from your Download headliners!

Kicking off the playlist this week is the recent new blinder from As Everything Unfolds. Hot on their heels are Waterlines (fka Sertraline), with new singles from the likes of Halestorm, Hundred Reasons, High Command, As December Falls and In Flames on the list too. The new Skindred single is set to be another live classic, and we take things country for a few minutes with Bowling For Soup main man Jaret Reddick and Frank Turner.

There’s more variety from all over the UK scene with new tracks from Borders, Bones UK and Black Lakes (all the B’s), before we get our emo on with Creeper and As Sirens Fall. For those who love melodic metal of the heaviest kind, the new Insomnium single is also here to melt your face and ears off. If that isn’t enough, there’s album tracks from Alter Bridge and Devin Townsend. Oh yes, and three classics from Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon and Metallica!

Rock Sins Weekly Playlist 11th November 2022

As Everything Unfolds – Felt Like Home
Waterlines – The Halo Around The Horns
Halestorm – Mine
Alter Bridge – Holiday
As December Falls – Mayday
Devin Townsend – Heartbreaker
Hundred Reasons – Glorious Sunset
High Command – Fortified By Bloodshed
In Flames – Foregone, Pt 2
Skindred – Gimme That Boom
Bones UK – Milk
Borders – Fix This
Black Lakes – Verity In Flames
Jaret Ray Reddick (featuring Frank Turner) – Drunk As It Takes
Creeper – Ghost Brigade
Insomnium – Lillian
As Sirens Fall – Coming Of (r)age
Slipknot – Unsainted
Bring Me The Horizon – Shadow Moses
Metallica – Creeping Death


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