Waterlines Announce Their Rebirth From Sertraline With New Single The Halo Around The Horns

Waterlines November 2022 Promo Photo - Web Res

Regular readers of Rock Sins may have seen Sertraline crop up a few times over recent years. The progressive tech metal act have released some notable singles and a cracking EP, Clouded Minds & Silver Lines, in recent years.

The band are now embarking on a new era, with a change of style and most importantly, a new name. Now known as Waterlines, the process that started for Sertraline with the recruitment of Ben Mars as their new singer earlier this year is now complete. With more of a metalcore approach to their sound, but still chock full of the same riffs they’ve always been renown for, Waterlines have kicked things off with a cracking new track – The Halo Around The Horns.

You can check out the video for The Halo Around The Horns below. On this evidence, the future for Waterlines seems very bright indeed!

Waterlines frontman Ben Mars tells us more about how the band crafted The Halo Around The Horns and about their rebirth:

When I started with the band, we knew we wanted to explore a different direction and find our horizon. I guess at the time we didn’t really understand what that meant, but when Halo was born and we started to tweak it, we knew this wasn’t Sertraline anymore. We explored our options and had more than a few conversations about how we felt, but when we played it live, we knew there and then that what was Sertraline, would become Waterlines.

Halo is an important song, it’s about living up to your potential and maximising your opportunities. I think that’s what Waterlines is, it’s an opportunity to grow for all of us and we want to grab it by the horns. Sorry I had to… 

Waterlines play their first live show under their new name in Manchester on the 20th of November. They’re part of an excellent line up supporting Borders at their album launch show. For more updates, follow Waterlines on their socials – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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