Pierce The Veil With Carolesdaughter & Against The Current Live Review From O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, 3rd December 2022

Queues formed round the block as original millennial fans and new fans alike waited for the sold out Pierce the Veil show at the 02 Forum Kentish Town. Walking in at the start of the night there was a buzz of excitement in the air, with crowds already forming from the barrier all the way to the highest circle.

The evening of entertainment kicked off with Carolesdaughter, who after their first song my mother wants me dead, remind the audience that the lead singer’s name is not in fact Carol but Thea. While their set was short, Thea bounced around the stage the entire time and set the tone for the evening with intensely energetic songs, including trailer trash and please put me in a medically induced coma, telling the audience exactly what this band is about.

The audience picked up on her excitement and energy and it rippled through the crowd. With each quick tempo, short song that was performed, the energy grew and hit a new level when the band ended with their most popular song violence. (7/10)

While Carols Daughter showed the crowd the kind of evening they were in for, the next band, Against the Current really hit the message home. As soon as the band came out there was a thunderous cheer, people had clearly looked forward to this set. Starting off with That won’t save us, the entire band owned the stage, looking right at home, it was clear that they knew exactly what they were doing. The bass and drums thrummed through the crowds during Running with Wild Things and wildfire, with Chrissy Constanza’s powerhouse vocals hitting every note.

With every song the crowd was challenged to be more enthusiastic, more wild than the night before, as they were treated to an impressive cover of Taking Back Sunday’s Make Damn Sure. As the songs rounded off Chrissy told the audience that the next song Blindfolded is particularly special to the band, as it’s the first song that they have released independently, after leaving their previous record company, Fuelled by Ramen. Before finishing off with two heavy hitters, Legends Never Die, a League of Legends call back, and weapon, the band signs off with a heavy hint that we will be seeing them in exactly the same spot in the coming year. (9/10)

With two eccentric support acts gearing the audience up for a fantastic final performance, we wait with bated breath for the moment that Vic, Jaime, Tony, and Loniel step onto that stage and give us the performance of a lifetime. We are taunted with a long, winding introduction filled with anticipation, before the boys step onto stage in plumes of smoke.

They open with a classic, May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight, that the entire crowd could scream along to, and in an instant everyone was united. We are treated to another crowd favourite as Hell Above blasts from the stage. From the moment they stepped on stage it was like they never left, with Tony head banging, Vic belting from centre stage, and Jaime swinging and throwing his bass guitar all over the place. New edition Loniel had to work to match this energy level, and wow did he.

The audience was wild as the band combined the old classics with a newer song, Pass the Nirvana, and Vic told the audience how happy they were to be back. Looking around, you could see that every single person in the crowd was having the time of their life. Strobe lights, confetti and smoke cannons followed the band throughout the night as they powered through Bulls in the Bronx and Circles, hitting every beat like it was natural to them. The tour debut Texas is Forever was an exciting insight into the new music that is coming very soon, and reminiscent to what Pierce the Veil fans expect from the band, compared to their latest single Emergency Contact that came next. This was a much more heartfelt performance, introduced by Vic as a song about the one you love, quite the detour from previous songs, but loved nonetheless, by the crowd.

There were whispers in the crowd throughout the evening about what exactly would be performed, with everyone mentioning the very same songs, and we were not disappointed as the band performed banger after banger. The crowd sang their hearts out with the band to Hold On Till May and tears streamed from the eyes of listeners who resonated with the music. Then the OG fans were treated to a first-class performance of Caraphernelia before the band flew into A Match Into Water, followed by I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket.

By the end of the set the crowd was electric, united through their love of what the band is doing. After begging for more, Vic came back on stage and sat on a singular chair with his guitar. He then proceeded to perform a never-before-done acoustic version of Stained Glass Eyes and Colourful Tears, again bringing tears to many an audience members eye. To top it all off the whole band came back onto stage and performed the song everyone had been waiting for. The opening bars of King For A Day rang out and the crowd exploded for the last time that evening. Everyone made the most of it and at the very end the crowd erupted and the band grinned, alive with the performance they had given.

Whilst it is a surprise that this band, who have been going for 16 years, are still pulling in such a massive crowd, it is in no way disappointing. Older fans who loved them 10 years ago were still enjoying them as much as the new listeners, drawn in through the Pierce the Veil resurgence seen on TikTok. After being away for such a long time, it is clear that these guys can still put on one hell of a show and we can only hope that new music will bring a new tour, and we won’t have to wait too long before we see them again. (10/10)

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