Rock Sins End Of Year Awards 2022 – Joe Nally (URNE)

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Continuing with our annual End Of Year Awards, following Adam Kerr from As Everything Unfolds, our second special guest for this year is URNE frontman and bassist Joe Nally! URNE have been hard at work in the studio working on the follow up to their bad ass 2021 album Serpent & Spirit. So while they’ve been working on their latest creation, let’s find out Joe’s favourites from the last twelve months:

Album Of The Year – Gang of Youths: Angel in Real-Time

I’m sure there have been some great rock and metal albums this year, but nothing has hit me like this album.

The concept, artwork, musicianship, etc.

Absolutely perfect!

Song Of The Year – Ithaca – Hold, Be Held

Ithaca’s album, They Fear Us is really good, but this song is special. I would be extremely proud if I wrote this.

Music Video Of The Year – Behemoth – Ov My Herculian Exile

Well, I’m sure most fans of heavy music know that when Behemoth drops a new video, it will be insane and original.

I think the album wasn’t their best work, but with the visuals, they took everything to another level.

Gig Of The Year – Gojira – Copenhagen (July 2022)

Myself and Angus (the guitarist of URNE) took to Copenhagen for a long weekend. The city left such a great mark on us after playing Copenhell that we had to get back.

While we were there, we took in the mighty Gojira. powerful, important, and, as always, the most stunning live sound. We got to hang out with the guys afterwards too, which was incredible.

Festival Performance Of The Year – Death To All – Copenhell

Sun, friends, beer, and some of the best metal musicians ever playing some of the best metal songs ever? Perfect!

Band Of The Year – Turnstile

Now, I don’t claim to be a mega Turnstile fan, but what they have managed to accomplish in the last 18 months is truly amazing!

I think it’s exciting to see what next year brings them, and that is only good for the rest of the heavy music genre.

Heroes Of The Year – Jinjer

What they have done for their country during a truly horrific time has to be applauded. Touring and being away from family and friends must be terribly hard, but they are pushing the issue and reminding the public about what is currently happening in the Ukraine.

Stay tuned for more updates on URNE as and when they become available. In the meantime, check out the banger that is The Palace Of Devils & Wolves. You can also follow URNE on Twitter and Instagram.


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