Rolo Tomassi Live Review From Electric Ballroom, London, 15th February 2023

After nearly two decades in the game, Rolo Tomassi played their biggest headline show to date at the Electric Ballroom, Camden and proved why with their loyal fanbase they’re still going strong. 

Hand on heart, Eva Korman appears before heading into the perfect golden hour song whilst demanding a still and silent room. Taken from their newest record Where Myth Becomes Memory, Almost Always is soft, delicate and exciting. A different start for the usual fan, but an understandable one nonetheless. 

Next they go straight into Cloaked. This is the Rolo that gets the audience already preparing to open the pit and amazed expressions from the venue staff upon this incredible sound coming from Eva. To Resist Forgetting gets the crowd in a frenzy with the entire front crowd dancing and head banging along. When James Spence takes a moment to come off keys to introduce themselves, the audience anticipates him joining on vocals for Labyrinthine and start the biggest pit so far of the night.

After a strong start of songs from the new record, Eva proudly exclaims that this is their biggest headline show to date and thanks all their fans. They then rewind to play songs from both Grievances and Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It. The array of songs really shows their eclectic love for music of all genres. Rituals has the audience running in circles and chanting lyrics, while Opalescent shows their alternative yet jazzy influences and the contrast of light and dark in comparison to Stage Knives is truly art. 

James reminds the crowd that this is the final date of their February tour and wants to play a couple more songs from their last album. 

The smiles in the crowd and the sense of liberation during Aftermath is astounding. The singing in tandem is a harmonious moment and when Rolo change the tone and drop A Flood of Light still the harmony continues and followed by the biggest crowd reaction yet. “But there you are always. But there you are always” every horn joined up high. 

In a moment of gratitude, James thanks the crowd and the team for their support and persistence. Despite the back of the room at this point talking amongst themselves, the front all break out into an overwhelmingly loud applause and cheers insisting on showing their love and support for a band that have paved their way now for over 15 years and in need of the recognition. 

Finishing the night, Contretemps, Mutual Rain and Prescience give the majestic harmony and complexity Rolo Tomassi are known for. This set has shown hands down why they have such a loyal fanbase and from this set alone proves how and why they are on top of their game. 8 / 10.

Check out more photos from the night, captured by Daniel Ackerley-Holmes below.

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