Suicide Silence – Remember…You Must Die

Things haven’t always been easy for Suicide Silence. One of Death Metal’s fastest rising young bands, that have become plagued by many setbacks that would have killed most bands, yet somehow they continue to rise, in spite of those hurdles.

Remember…You Must Die is their 7th studio album and the follow up to 2020’s Become the Hunter.  It has to be said off the bat, this is the exact album Suicide Silence needed to make it at this point in their career. After the muted response to Become the Hunter and the, shall we say, divisive response to their 2017 self-titled release (an album I personally really like) now feels like a really good time for them to remind people why they were such a big deal in the first place.

This is the most frenzied and heavy they have sounded in close to a decade. It seems something has once again Awoken inside of Suicide Silence. Whether it’s the bug eyed lunacy of Thinking in Tongues or the slower more doom inspired Altar of Self. There is an energy here that hasn’t been felt for quite some time. It’s a startling shock to the system to press play on a Suicide Silence album and to be absolutely bludgeoned throughout. 

They deserve have the utmost respect as a band for releasing more experimental albums and exploring other artistic avenues, but there is something to be said about a band just doing what they do and doing it incredibly well.

Kill Forever is a prime example of this, an absolute crusher of a tune that wants nothing more than to batter the listener’s skull into a sticky paste. It’s in these moments where you remember what made them such a special force in the first place. God be Damned & The Third Death continue this trend throughout the album, by just being relentless and not allowing you a moment to breathe.

It seems disingenuous to still refer to Suicide Silence as a Deathcore band, when they are clearly so much more and frankly outgrew that tag a very long time ago. Remember…You Must Die, is the most consistently well-rounded and effective album they have released in quite some time, a back to basics banger that should hopefully once again cement their place at the top of the tree for this generation of death metal bands.

Remember… You Must Die is available now via Century Media Records.

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