Yours Truly Live Review From The Underworld, London, 15th March 2023

Australian pop-punk band, Yours Truly didn’t choose the best day to play in London, seeing as the show coincided with massive train strikes. These strikes made getting into Camden very difficult for many. Nevertheless, despite these problems, many fans turned out, a testament to their popularity. The band have gone from strength to strength over the years and though this is a somewhat small venue, it is an event that really showcases their rise.

First on stage is Lizzy Farrall, who delivered more than the audience may have been expecting with pop rock that incorporates some darker undercurrents. Farrall comes off as very charismatic and even drops a new song, an angry tune about an ex that serves to get the crowd moving.

South Arcade are next, and it is clear they are perhaps not the most well-known by the crowd and are a different prospect than Lizzy Farrall. Though there are hints of pop, the band deliver a heavier sound with some Nu-metal inspiration. It feels a little reminiscent of early 2000’s pop-punk, which is not a bad thing. The crowd really responds well to their intense energy and begins to create a more raucous atmosphere.

However, it is plain the see that Yours Truly is the main event. Unfortunately, a small fight breaks out before the ambient intro of “is this what i look like?” finishes. This is something you never like to see and certainly isn’t representative of most of their fanbase. Like true professionals though they take it in stride, and get things going with Hallucinate which has the crowd singing along to its soaring chorus in unison. Bruises features a special guest appearance from Nick Baldenegro of Your Misery, which again this sees the crowd really getting involved and singing along.

Yours Truly then mix things up with a stripped-back version of Heartsleeve. This was inspired by mic troubles they had at a gig in Germany. One of their most emotional tracks, it is further compounded by the combination of just vocals and guitar.

The performance was also a landmark moment for the band as their first-ever London show was at this stage. They opened for State Champs and now they’re the headliners. There is a strong connection between the band and their fans creating an energy that is almost palpable. From start to finish Yours Truly are electrifying and are unable to stop expressing their gratitude to their fans. An elated crowd responds in kind creating an amazing atmosphere. As the night draws to an end fans make their way into the night after a short but brilliant set.


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