Rock Sins Weekly Playlist – 6th April 2023 – As Everything Unfolds, Metallica, Scowl And Lots More!

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It’s that time again! A brand new instalment of our weekly playlist feature is now here for your listening pleasure.

As they often have been in recent times, our latest playlist is topped off by new tracks from both Metallica and As Everything Unfolds. The former have unleashed the title track of their new album 72 Seasons, while AEU bring you the rapid paced Slow Down – equally great for different reasons.

As it happens, this weeks’ playlist has ended up heavy on the metalcore – and with what is on offer, that’s no bad thing! New singles from Dying Wish, Sworn Amongst, Heart Of A Coward, Sylosis and Skywalker, plus the opening title track from Bury Tomorrow’s epic The Seventh Sun are all here to be enjoyed. There’s also the excellent Murphy’s Law from newcomers ACHE.

Away from the world of metalcore, Skindred’s new earworm filled banger Set Fazers is set to be a firm favourite, and Scowl’s flavour of hardcore takes centre stage with Psychic Dance Routine. We’ve got some thrash from Nervosa, doomgaze from Sugar Horse, and Bowling For Soup covering Patent Pending’s Hey Mario in time for the new Mario movie. With pop sensibilities but with some seriously heavy hooks we have the new tracks from Poppy and Halflives, and a dose of new classic rock from The Dust Coda. Finishing things up this week are the new Godflesh single, and a stone cold classic from Strapping Young Lad, in honour of Devin Townsend being announced as the final headliner for ArcTanGent Festival 2023. Please check out the playlist below, and remember to give it a like and a follow on Spotify!

Rock Sins Playlist – 6th April 2023

Metallica – 72 Seasons
As Everything Unfolds – Slow Down
Skindred – Set Fazers
Scowl – Psychic Dance Routine
Dying Wish – Torn From Your Silhouette
Sworn Amongst – Restitution
Heart Of A Coward – This Place Brings Only Death
Nervosa – Endless Ambition
Sylosis – Deadwood
Bury Tomorrow – The Seventh Sun
Bowling For Soup – Hey Mario
Sugar Horse – Thrash Music
ACHE – Murphy’s Law
Skywalker – Goliath
Poppy – Church Outfit
Dropkick Murphys feat Violent Femmes – Gotta Get To Peekskill
The Dust Coda – Road To Hell
Godflesh – ZERO
Strapping Young Lad – Love?


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