Lacey Announce New Album This Is All We Are And New Single Run Away

Lacey on stage, November 2022, by Chloe Tucker

Nottingham alt-rock four piece Lacey have just confirmed details of their upcoming third album! Titled This Is All We Are, the album spans 14 tracks, including the hit single Dream In A Little Less Colour, and their brand new single released today, Run Away.

Check out Run Away on YouTube below:

Describing their new album, Lacey say that This Is All We Are is “14 tracks of lyrical darkness wrapped in a shiny, anthemic, pop package”.

The full track list and album artwork for This Is All We Are can be found below:

Lacey – This Is All We Are Tracklisting

1) 3AM Sonata
2) Run Away
3) Maybe I’m Alive
4) Easy Way Out
5) Dream In A Little Less Colour
6) I’m Losing Myself
7) Middle England
8) & Always
9) You Were Right
10) I Always Tell The Truth (Even When I Lie)
11) You Can’t Compete With History
12) Answers
13) Flaws
14) This Is All We Are

Lacey - This Is All We Are Album Artwork

Lacey frontman Graham Turner (aka Graz) describes their new album in more detail:

Basically, the soundtrack to what it’s like to feel everything and nothing, all at the same time. Lyrically, no stone is left unturned, and I can guarantee if you’ve ever felt anything, it will be addressed here. This really is a soul bearing ride through every, conceivable human emotion. This is all we are.

On the subject of the new single Run Away, Graz also had this to say:

‘Run Away’ is a metaphorical opportunity to sit yourself down, slap yourself in the face and give yourself a damn good talking to. Too often our lives are controlled by fear, who know what missed opportunities this could lead to. ‘Run Away’, is the inner voice we wish we all had, goading us into taking that step.

I’d highly encourage everyone to sing this in the mirror to themselves every morning. You’ll certainly be fired up.

The next chance to see Lacey live, and maybe hear some of these new songs live for the first time is their upcoming London headline show on the 14th of June in Hackney at The Waiting Room. Tickets for the show are available on this link.


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