Sevendust – Truth Killer

Sevendust are a band that are so reliable, you can set your watch to them. For close to 30 years that have remained consistent, focused and have remained through sheer passion and force of will. Now on their 14h album, the formula is still intact, but some of the results may vary from album to album.

Truth Killer then is another solid album in a catalogue that is littered with them. If you have been following the band for any length of time you should know what to expect by now, with that said the album still opens with a curveball I Might Let the Devil Win sounding more akin to Awolnation than a nu metal number. It’s a sombre and evocative opening that immediately catches the ear.

That’s not to say that Sevendust have ditched what brought them to the dance. The grooves and indeed the riffs come thick and fast on the rest of the album. Cuts like Won’t Stop the Bleeding & Holy Water are destined to become favourites, Superficial Drug dabbles in mild electronica and has a radio friendly sheen to it.

Messenger and Love & Hate add a lighter touch to the album, sweeping anthems in waiting designed for lighters aloft moments when played live, they provide a nice palate cleanser before the hard rocking Fence takes us home to close the album out.

Sevendust have always been journeyman, but they know what they do and they do it very well. To be this far into a career and to still be putting out albums of this consistency is nothing to be sniffed out and while they don’t deviate from their sound too wildly on here, there are some stylistic flourishes that stop the staleness from setting in. Another winner from one of metals great unsung heroes.

Truth Killer is out now via Napalm Records

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