3TEETH – EndEx

It’s been 4 years since Industrial anarchists 3TEETH but out their breakthrough album Metawar, a collection of songs that felt like a definitive statement of intent. Not ones to rest on their laurels, they are back with something even bigger in the form of EndEx. This time around they enlisted the help of Mick Gordon, known to most for his work on gaming franchises Doom & Killer Instinct, as well as more recently collabs with Motionless In White & Bring Me The Horizon.Needless to say, 3TEETH are coming back swinging.

Sonically Endex is a much beefier, groovier record than the bands previous works, likely due to the inclusion of Gordon in the writing & recording process. Slum Planet is a sardonic,stomping club banger. Merchant of the Void & Higher than Death are both grinding industrial thrillers that insidiously work their way into your brain.

ALI3N is another bouncy rager of a track with a chorus to die for. Paralyze is another collaboration with Ho99o9 and while it doesn’t quite hit the same heights as their other works, it’s good to be reminded of how well both acts compliment each other.  Scorpion brings in a touch of middle eastern flavour and ethereal vocals, giving it an otherworldly sound.

Drift is the albums most mellow and contemplative moment. It glides through the speakers on a simple beat and entirely sung vocals. It’s very chill way to ease the listener out of the album after the barrage of industrial brutality that has proceeded. Perhaps the most shocking thing about EndEx is that the albums true closing moments belong to a cover of Everybody Wants to Rule the World by 80s pop duo Tears for Fears. It’s a weird choice of cover and while it’s not completely egregious it doesnt really add anything to the album overall and feels like more like an afterthought than something that truly belongs here.

No one will ever accuse 3TEETH of being the most original band, but frankly when you are this good and have their level of confidence in their craft,it doesn’t really matter. The inclusion of Mick Gordon as well as creating an album for the post pandemic world has given the band a renewed fire. They have constructed and album full of topical lyrics, riotous industrial crunch and more hooks than a well attended Candyman convention. Its not quite the soundtrack to the apocalypse, but its definitely music you could listen to as the world burns around you.

EndEx is available on September 22nd via Century Media Records

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