Corey Taylor – CMF2

When Corey Taylor dropped his first solo album back in 2020,it was met with a rather mixed and dare I say muted response. The frontman of two of the biggest Rock/Metal bands of the last 20 years dropping a middling, uncohesive record that was not befitting of his legacy, was not something many of us could have seen coming.

I’m happy to say that CMF2, his second solo venture rights the ship in many ways. This album feels more purposeful and even though it yields little in the way of surprises, it is a more rewarding listen overall. One thing Corey has been able to do as vocalist and a songwriter is glide between the heavy & heartfelt, be that musically, lyrically or in some cases both. That particular talent is on full display on this album. There are a lot more hard rockers on this album. Tracks like Post Traumatic Blues, Punchline & All I Want Is Hate funnel Taylor’s more aggressive instincts in some of the albums biggest fist in the air moments.

Talk Sick & Beyond both sound absolutely huge. Full of energy, bouncing riffs and the kinds of choruses that you’ll need to havd forcibly removed from your brain. We Are The Rest has so much swagger and strut that it may as well have been written as a theme song for a herd of peacocks.

Breath of Fresh Smoke has a modern Country twang to it, giving the album a nice change of pace. It’s also a style that really suits Corey’s vocal abilities and songwriting sensibilities. It’s an unexpected highlight on the album.

Midnight is a dark haunting slow burn of a track. Its arguably the albums darkest moment. It feels like a distant cousin of Tired from Stone Sour’s House of Gold and Bones album (give that track another listen and you’ll see what I mean) there is an added layer of strings that raises the emotional stakes, as well as a goosebump or two.

Not everything on the album works though. Starmate is one that while upbeat, is overshadowed by many of the albums better more memorable moments. Someday I’ll Change Your Mind is absolutely dripping in cheese, sounding like Gary Barlow was commisioned to write a song for Thirty Seconds To Mars. It feels more forced than heartfelt, and is probably the albums weakest moment. It will no doubt go over a storm with the right crowd, but left me feeling cold.

CMF2 is a more complete album than its predecessor. This feels more focused and much more of a showcase of who Taylor is as a singer songwriter, and while it isn’t a million miles away from what we have heard from him before, it proves once again why he is so revered in many circles. Much like with his previous solo album your mileage on this one will vary depending on which flavour of Corey Taylor you prefer, but if you want a good rock album to throw on and belt out some tunes to you could do a lot worse.

CMF2 is out on September via BMG for more click here

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