Jackson Guitars & Heriot Take Over Dr Martens Boot Room In Camden For Surprise Secret Show

Iconic guitar brand Jackson Guitars celebrated the launch of their brand new Virtuoso guitar model last week. Teaming up with and coming British metal band Heriot for a one off surprise show in Camden that saw two heavy metal worlds collide in spectacular fashion!

Renowned in the metal genre for their amazing high gain guitar tones, Jackson Guitars recently announced the launch of their new “American Series” Virtuoso guitar. Which boasts over 150 hand crafted details and what Jackson describes as ‘unparalleled sound’. If this wasn’t enough to excite any metal fan. Jackson marked the occasion on 6th of September.  When fans of the metal band Heriot were treated to a secret performance at the Dr Martens Boot Room, Camden, where they were rewarded with an aural treat from Heriot. Who vigourously displayed their heavy metal chops on their very own Virtuoso guitars with an absolutely crushing set.

Photo (C) Mike Palmer

With the seven incredible new singles and three EPs under their belt since they reformed in 2019. Heriot have been going from strength to strength over the past few years. Playing at a plethora of UK festivals. Including 2000 Trees, Slamdunk and Damnation, successfully establishing themselves as genre blending pioneers of British modern metal. Making the secret show; which was only officially publicised on social media on the very morning of the gig, a real treat for the crowd of enthusiastic fans that hit Camden for an unexpected, but amazing night out!

Photo (C) Mike Palmer

More information about Jackson Guitars new Virtuoso line, as well as the new models full technical specification is available here. You can also stay up to date on all things Heriot, such as upcoming live shows, releases and much more here.

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