Scene Queen Live Review & Photo Gallery From O2 Academy Islington, London, 10th October 2023


Please don’t call I need another hour… to get over the absolute SHOW that Scene Queen just put on for a second sold out night at O2 Academy Islington. Supported by Delilah Bon and In Her Own Words, Scene Queen embarks on her second UK tour and the growth is formidable. Building a safe space for her sorority sisters in the form of Bimbo Beta Pi, Scene Queen encourages a room filled with love and support for all, especially during a difficult time in the world. 

Smiles across the room show how comfortable all feel as she skips onto stage for the start of what is due to be a delight for all, a trio of ‘Pink’ anthems in the form of Pink Whitney, Pink Paper and Pink Bubblegum kick start crowdsurfers and crowd singalongs. Taking a moment to admire every face in the crowd, Queen introduces the next song in a delicate but powerful manner, 18+ is a bold, rowdy and yet unfortunately needed single calling out predatory behaviour in the scene that surrounds her, she also takes the time to thank support band In Her Own Words who at the time of release took the time to step forward and support the track which was faced with upset and controversy. Catharsis for the crowd as they sing along and call out a band faced with much of its own controversy, crowd surfers skip out of the pit to lyrics like “get those children off your bus” and Scene Queen rolls into latest release Pink Push-Up, another song that confronts sexual assault in the world. Rolling through with pace a good chunk of her small, but absolutely mighty discography she gears up to perform Barbie & Ken, though Cody from SIO isn’t available Joey from IHOW certainly delivers on all parts of the performance with Scene Queen even knocking him to the ground because this barbie is a queen!

Delilah Bon and In Her Own Words storm the stage for the **PRE PLANNED ENCORE** as chanted by Scene Queen and her band, a moment that came with some very well put together signs. A shot of patron down for the crew and Pink Panther kicks in, the crowd goes wild and all the band members are throwing pink balls everywhere. The sheer chaos is palpable and feels so on brand for an artist like Scene Queen and honestly: we love to see it.

Check out more photos from the night below:


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