City and Colour Live Review From O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, 2nd November 2023

We were captivated by a night of musical magic as City and Colour bid farewell to London in a 3 night sold-out extravaganza, marking the culmination of their two-year touring schedule. The atmosphere was electric as the crowd transformed into a chorus of voices, filling the venue with a melodic charm that could only be rivalled by a choir.

The evening reached its zenith when the hauntingly beautiful track Astronaut took centre stage, setting the audience aglow like constellations in the night sky. The show became a treasure trove of crowd favourites, including the heartrending melodies of Hello, I’m In Delaware and the soul-stirring Sleeping Sickness.

Frontman Dallas Green used the spotlight to share a powerful message of kindness, reminding everyone of the importance of being compassionate to one another. It was a poignant moment that resonated deeply with the crowd. Ironically there was a drunken heckler causing Green to struggle to get his point across.

The setlist was a rollercoaster of emotions, from the introspective Meant to Be and the foot-stomping Northern Blues to the haunting The Love Still Held Me Near and the soulful Two Coins. The audience was taken on a journey through the full spectrum of human emotions, from the ethereal Weightless to the raw intensity of Fucked it Up.

As the night progressed, City and Colour unveiled more musical gems, including Underground and the ever-illuminating Little Hell. The audience’s anticipation was met with the stunning climax of Waiting before an explosive performance of Hard, Hard Time shook the venue to its core.

The encore brought a sense of nostalgia with Comin’ Home / This Could Be Anywhere in the World, followed by the heartfelt Lover Come Back. The show reached its peak with a mesmerizing rendition of Sleeping Sickness, leaving the crowd in awe. The night ended on a triumphant note with the medley of Fragile Bird / As Much as I Ever Could / Sorrowing Man, leaving everyone with a profound musical experience to cherish.

City and Colour’s final night in London was a breathtaking, emotionally charged spectacle that reminded everyone of the power of music to unite and inspire. If you was lucky enough to attend on of his shows on this tour, you were certainly treated to a band at the pinnacle of its powers.

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