Alkaline Trio – Blood, Hair and Eyeballs

It’s been a hot minute (well 6 years, but who’s counting?) since the last Alkaline Trio, the criminally underrated Is this thing Cursed? but the long wait for new material has finally come to an end. Blood, Hair and Eyeballs is the 10th studio album from the spooky goth punk trio. 

At this point in their career Alkaline Trio really have nothing left to prove. It might be hyperbolic to say this, but they are aging like the finest of wines. While Matt Skiba brought some much needed maturity to Blink 182 during his tenure,It’s so good to have all of his focus and talent back where it rightfully belongs. Blood, Hair and Eyeballs is not only one of the best album titles that has come along in recent years, the album itself is a timely reminder of how great Alkaline Trio are. Their knack for crafting anthemic, brooding yet undeniably catchy punk rock bangers is unparalleled. Hot for Preacher is an instant classic that set the pace for the album right out the gate. Meet Me & Versions of You keep things ticking along nicely, the latter of which is one of the albums stand out moments.

Break adds some ominous church bells for dramatic effect, calling back to their earlier roots. The title track is one of the most fun songs Alkaline Trio has ever written and has a suitably ridiculous video to match. Album closer Teenage Heart is a rather ponderous track about the passage of time and how we all get older, but who do we become and what really gets left behind. It’s a really great way to close the album, feeling nostalgic, contemplative and somewhat wryly playful at the same time. Aging sucks, but growing up doesn’t have to.

In my humble opinion Alkaline Trio are a band that deserve the world. They have been one of the most consistent bands in their scene for the best part of 3 decades now. Blood, Hair and Eyeballs is another feather in their cap and is one of the strongest albums they have ever put their name to. Let’s hope they don’t leave it so long between albums next time.

Blood, Hair and Eyeballs is out now via Rise Records

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