While She Sleeps Release Powerful Music Video For New Single ‘To The Flowers’

With the band already poised to once again take the world by storm with their forthcoming sixth album, Self Hell. While She Sleeps continue to heighten expectations around their latest release this week. Following up their first two singles, Self Hell and Down with new song, To The Flowers. 

An altogether more heartfelt and melodic affair. To The Flowers packs all the visceral punch of its predecessors. Yet with a more tragic and impactful edge. Showcasing the breadth and depth of While She Sleeps ability to push their own musical and emotional boundaries. Especially when coupled with it’s atmospheric music video, created and shot by the band themselves. Which centres around grief, trauma and the kind of loss that will be all too relatable for some.

Guitarist Sean Long says, “This song means a lot to us. As much as we love a good breakdown and heavy riff, a lot of our passion lies within emotive musical pieces. This song has nearly brought us all to tears multiple times simply because it touches something in us that we hold very dear. A pain we all know and have felt down to our deepest core. The essence of our personal pain expressed in music is what the band is all about. Talking about the things we know are difficult but necessary. The working title was called “radiohead” and that should help understand the feeling it gave us when writing it. This contains the “double whammy” that I stumbled across just before the song was finished. It went insanely viral when I posted it online so I just had to get it in the song. People have been saying it’s one of the greatest lead guitar parts of all time, I’ll take it.’ 

Vocalist Loz Taylor adds, “‘To the Flowers’ is emotional, tragic and real life. We intended to make a short film that encompasses the real emotions of relationships, grief, love, death and pain. Shot by the members of While She Sleeps, ‘To the Flowers’ ebbs and flows through an entendre of tragedy. This was a huge project to undertake, and we have poured our creative energy into directing this piece. We had a wicked time working on the film. This will hit home.”

Despite their confirmed stadium filler status, as with their previous albums, While She Sleeps still clearly hold a DIY ethos very close to their hearts. With many of the sessions for Self Hell having been held at the bands own Six Audio studio in their home town of Sheffield. With While She Sleeps also set to embark upon a small run of intimate shows and album signings in record stores around the UK this April. A full list of which is available to check out below.

April 1st – Nottingham, Rough Trade

April 2nd – Manchester, HMV

April 3rd – Birmingham, HMV

April 4th – London, Rough Trade East (midday)

April 4th – Kingston, St. John’s Old Church (7pm, hosted by Banquet)

Self Hell is set for release on March 29th via Sleeps Brothers and Spinefarm Records and is available to pre-order now. For further updates on all things While She Sleeps you can check out the bands official website or follow them on social media.

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