Album Review- Defects ‘Modern Error’

One of the British metal scene’s brightest rising stars. Defects have been going from strength to strength over the past couple of years. With incredible performances at Download Festival, 2000 Trees and Bloodstock under their belts. As well as epic tours alongside the likes of In Flames, Orbit Culture and Of Mice & Men. All of which have gained them quite the reputation.

Their debut EP, Dream Awake landed in 2022 and only added fuel to the fire. With three blistering tracks that proved Defects could transfer the ferocity and energy they bring to their live shows into the studio. Fast forward two years and with a major label now behind them, does their debut album measure up to the trail they’ve blazed so far?

If Modern Errors opening track, Scapegoat is anything to go by, it would definitely seem so. Hitting every bit as hard as the shotgun blast that serves as its introduction, it’s one of Modern Errors strongest tracks and a welcome holdover from Dream Awake. With a stomping main riff, anthemic chorus and a blink and you’ll miss it blast beat from former Shvpes drummer Harry Jennings that syncs up perfectly with Tony Maues vocals. As statements of intent go, it’s a strong one indeed and a perfect three minute snapshot of what Defects are capable of. 

End of Days continues in much the same vein. However, amidst the aural chaos, a more melodic edge begins to work it’s way into the mix. With Maue dropping a little of the grit from his delivery, allowing the clean vocals to elevate the chorus just a little more by contrast. As well as lending the songs breakdown just a bit more impact when it finally lands. Accompanied by a cheeky bit of whammy pedal action from guitarist Luke Genders that immediately brings Dimebag Darrell to mind.

Mirroring the tracklisting of their debut EP, Dream Awake is up next and it’s here that Defects really start to lean into their more melodic side. The thing that’s really striking about Modern Error in the early going though, once your ears have attuned that is, is the level of polish in its production. The rhythm guitars sound immense, with every pick scrape and tasty lick cutting through. David Silvers bass sound ties in perfectly with the drums too, underpinning everything beautifully. Giving Maue chance to flex his multi octave vocal range to the fullest, regardless of the context. 

So far though, we haven’t heard anything new. With the albums first three tracks having been lifted directly from their Dream Awake EP. So there’s a lot riding on Another Heart To Bleed, which thankfully delivers in spades. Bringing to mind early Bury Tomorrow with its high energy chorus and hard hitting lyrics. 

Defects come out swinging with the next two tracks too. With Recurring and Lockdown hitting just as hard as anything on Modern Error so far. Both have crowd killer written all over them and it’s not hard to imagine the inevitable carnage they’re bound to bring about once they’re unleashed upon a willing audience. With Recurring in particular packing a breakdown that’s certain to cause more than a few mosh pits this summer.

After the savagery of its predecessors, Echo Chamber is a more melodic affair. However, it still has a lot of weight to it. Thanks largely to its cathartic and relatable lyrics, a theme that runs throughout the album. With the band clearly having poured their heart and soul into every aspect of the songwriting on Modern Error. 

The albums title track proves to be another standout moment as well. Packing the kind of riffs that Lamb of God would be proud to call their own. Coupled to a main hook that sticks in your mind long after the dust has settled. All good things must come to an end though and unfortunately, Modern Error is no exception. 

Second to None, the albums penultimate track and arguably one of its best, is an absolute triumph. With a chorus that’s begging to be extended for maximum impact, it’s one of Modern Errors hardest hitting moments and to be honest, it’s where you’d expect the album to come to a close. 

However, it’s the albums most melodic track, Gone to Waste, that brings things to an end. Which might not make a lot of sense at first. Looking at the themes that permeate Modern Error as a whole though, it’s clearly a record where each member of the band has taken the negativity in their lives and turned it into something positive. Making it a fitting swan song for their debut album. 

Hard hitting, exceptionally well produced and heavy as hell, Modern Error has been more than worth the two year wait. Coming complete with all of the impact and agression you might expect from modern metal contemporaries like Parkway Drive and Machine Head. With a kind of emotional weight at its core that brings to mind early Linkin Park. As debut albums go, it’s an incredibly strong one and a testament to the lengths Defects have been through to make their dreams a reality over the last few years. We can only hope they continue to grow and release more albums like this in the future!

Modern Error is set for release on May 24th via Mascot Records and is available to pre-order now. To stay up to date on all things Defects you can follow them on social media. You can check out a full list of the bands upcoming festival appearances below-

14-16 Jun – Download Festival – Derby, UK
 20-23 Jun – Graspop Festival – Dessel, BELGIUM
 03 – 06 Jul – Rockharz Festival – Ballenstedt, GERMANY
 16 – 18 Aug – Rock the Lakes Festival – Vallamand, SWITZERLAND

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