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Welcome to Rock Sins.

We’re a bunch of guys and gals who love metal and rock music. In fact we love it so much we wanted to reach out to the community, get chance to interview our favourite bands, review them live and get you the news first.

Rocksins has been around since the 25th of August 2009 and we hit around 50,000 unique readers a month, slowly growing as we get better and better results in google, loyal readers and get the latest news first in google news.

Our aim is to be the best in the business, get the best news to you first, and be the best rock/metal news source out there.

SoΒ that’sΒ it folks, hope you enjoy the site, any issues you can contact us at any of the addresses below πŸ™‚

Contact Us:

Please send any requests for coverage through to the editorial team. Any general enquiries please send to Jamie and/or Neil.

Editorial Staff:

Editor – Neil Skoglund : neil@rocksins.com
Features / Live Editor – Jamie Giberti : jamieg@rocksins.com
Assistant Live Editor – Rachael Griffiths : rachael@rocksins.com
Reviews Editor – Ali Cooper: ali@rocksins.com
Associate Editor – Lisa Fox :Β lisa@ragepr.com

Writers & Photographers:

Matt Hill : global at sgnls dot net
James Halstead :
Amanda Burns :
Fran Dignon :
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Iain Willetts :
Will Stevenson :
Laura Herbert :
Jasmin Nahal :
Philip Whitehead :
Nick Holmes
Tess Donohoe
James Weaver
Katie Needham
Jessica Howkins
Jack Fermor-Worrell
Alexander Naylor
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Tal Fineman
Simon Crampton
Connor Morris
Charlie Harris


Sam Stowe
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