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Bury Tomorrow - Black Flame Album Cover
Bury Tomorrow – Black Flame (, )
13th July 2018 -

With Earthbound it felt like Bury Tomorrow took a huge leap forward with their sound. Whilst the band have certainly been popular within the UK metalcore scene over the last few years they’ve never quite reached the levels of praised awarded to the likes of Architects or While She Sleeps. That album was certainly the closest they cam and now with Black Flame they are aiming to cement… Read More »

Devildriver – Outlaws Til The End Vol.1 ()
6th July 2018 -

Cover can be a tricky business. You either create a carbon copy of the original thus negating its existence or you go the other way and put your own spin on it and potentially ruin it. It’s a razor-thin line that few manage to pull off. So, its seems ballsy that two of modern metal’s biggest names have taken stabs… Read More »

Pagan – Black Wash (, , )
3rd July 2018 -

When you think of Australia you don’t usually think of black metal, it’s like going to Nigel Farage’s house an expecting the greatest hits of Eurovision to be on the stereo. Blackened Rock N Roll combo Pagan seem to be putting that to show with their new album “Black Wash” which excels best when it’s not being influenced by Black… Read More »

The Interupters Fight The Good Fight Album Artwork
The Interrupters – Fight The Good Fight (, )
29th June 2018 -

Ska-punk is a genre that many people will tell you is dead. With the genre far from the height of popularity it once had, it’s now just seen as a nostalgia thing. So when The Interrupters released their second album Say It Out Loud in 2016 it felt like a real breath of fresh air. They managed bring new life… Read More »

Bullet For My Valentine Gravity Album Cover Artwork
Bullet For My Valentine – Gravity (, )
29th June 2018 -

Of all the young metal bands who made their breakthrough in the early to mid 2000’s, few have had quite as tough a time as Welsh outfit Bullet For My Valentine, who arrived kicking and screaming with an early run of genre-defining albums like The Poison and Scream Aim Fire, only to gradually slip into a decline with the underwhelming… Read More »