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Sinsaenum – Ashes EP (, )
23rd November 2017 -

Sinsaenum is a project that piqued a lot of interest when it first emerged, when Frédéric Leclercq (of DragonForce fame) and Vimic’s Joey Jordison teamed up with extreme metal royalty in Attila Csihar (Sunn O))), Mayhem), Stéphan Buriez (Loudblast), Heimoth (Seth) and Sean Zatorsky (Dååth, Chimaira) to release an album of blackened death metal built around demos Leclercq had written… Read More »

Pretty Little Enemy - Second Load EP Artwork 800px
Pretty Little Enemy – Second Load EP ()
15th November 2017 -

The UK rock scene has been a hot bed of red hot talent for years now, with some truly special bands breaking through in the process. Enter Pretty Little Enemy, the next band to step up and try their luck. Not that they will need much in the way of luck, as they happen to be rather good at what… Read More »

Butcher Babies Lilith Album Cover Artwork 800px
Butcher Babies – Lilith ()
14th November 2017 -

Butcher Babies came onto the metal scene like a bolt out of the blue. No one expected them, but for the most part we embraced them. With 2 EP’s and 2 full lengths already to their name, it was time to see what they could deliver on album number 3. This would be the test of their staying power. Entitled… Read More »

The Black Dahlia Murder Nightbringers Album Cover Artwork
The Black Dahlia Murder – Nightbringers (, )
7th November 2017 -

The Black Dahlia Murder are one of the premier death metal bands around today. They have built an incredible and somewhat enviable back catalogue over the last decade. Nightbringers is another high point in their growing legacy. It’s refreshing to see a band getting heavier yet still retaining a sense of melody this far into their career. Every new album… Read More »

Satyricon - Deep Calleth Upon Deep Album Cover
Satyricon – Deep Calleth Upon Deep (, )
31st October 2017 -

Midnight Serpent opens up Deep Calleth Upon Deep. The latest addition to the 26 year legacy of Satyricon and immediately something feels different. 2013 saw the Norwegian black metal legends release a self-titled album and it was received to a degree of indifference. 2017 Satyricon feels better from the very start. The six minutes that Midnight Serpent clock up are… Read More »