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Petrol Girls - Cut and Stitch Album Cover
Petrol Girls – Cut & Stitch ()
24th May 2019 -

Cut & Stitch is the second album from UK punks Petrol Girls. Like their previous work this is another furious blast of feminist punk. The thought behind Cut & Stitch is this ongoing patchwork of sounds and ideas. Both the bands musical influences and political ideas, that change is a constant process and this is something that flows through the entire album…. Read More »

Black Mountain - Destroyer Album Cover Artwork
Black Mountain – Destroyer (, , )
23rd May 2019 -

Few bands in recent memory have so successfully harnessed the best and most beloved tropes of 70’s rock as Vancouver outfit Black Mountain. Over the past 14 years they have produced four fantastic albums, peaking with 2016’s IV. Bookended by the incredible Mothers of The Sun and Space to Bakersfield tracks, the bands fantastic melange of pulsing psych, krautrock and… Read More »

Pleiades - All At Your Mercy Album Cover Artwork
Pleiades – All At Your Mercy (, )
20th May 2019 -

Opening with minimalist bass and guitar and tom driven percussion that builds to bursting point is a smart way to kick off a release, and such is the beginning of the new Pleiades album. It sets the mood by sonically establishing the variety of heaviness set to unfold, in this case a face melting composite of almost blackgazing expanse and… Read More »

Amon Amarth Beserker Album Cover Artwork
Amon Amarth – Beserker ()
14th May 2019 -

A new Amon Amarth album is always an event in the metal world. Our resident metal minstrels of the tales of the vikings have been steadily growing in popularity ever since their big breakthrough almost fifteen years ago courtesy of With Oden On Our Side. Their latest album, Beserker, seems set to propel them to the biggest heights yet. Building… Read More »

New Years Day – Unbreakable (, )
26th April 2019 -

New Years Day are a band that seemed to be at a crossroads. With the release of their last album Malevolence they started to hit a creative peak and the time has come for them to follow it up. Unbreakable is certainly a mixed bag, it definitely takes New Years Day in a new direction, but it seems to be somewhat… Read More »