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Kid Kapichi - Sugar Tax EP Artwork Cover
Kid Kapichi – Sugar Tax EP (, )
16th July 2019 -

The sugar tax isn’t just a controversial piece of Conservative legislation that demeans and drains the capital of the lower classes in society; it’s also the fabulous new EP from Hastings born post-punks, Kid Kapichi. Their sound definitely has more emphasis on the punk side of this descriptor, but the music is far more intricate and complex than the established… Read More »

Batushka - Hospodi Album Cover Artwork
Batushka – Hospodi (, )
11th July 2019 -

Being taken from the Slavic Old Church word for God, you may go into the new Batushka – The Metal Blade one – album with expectations of something continuing in their ritualistic approach to black metal. You would be correct. With their sophomore release, Batushka continue in the manner that made them such an exciting proposition on the debut album…. Read More »

Jamie Lenman - Shuffle Album Artwork
Jamie Lenman – Shuffle (, )
5th July 2019 -

The term ‘covers album’ is undoubtedly a dirty one. Rock covers albums fall into two categories; vanity projects that are utter dross, or Garage Inc. Essentially it’s fair to say that covers albums are a pointless endeavour that only seek to serve an artist’s ego as they relive the music that they love to the benefit of none but themselves…. Read More »

Phoxjaw - A Playground For Sad Adults EP Artwork
Phoxjaw – A Playground for Sad Adults EP ()
1st July 2019 -

After releasing a critically acclaimed and modestly successful EP in the shape of Goodbye Dinosaur…, Phoxjaw are riding the crest of a wave. With their follow up release, A Playground For Sad Adults, the band are going for broke pushing to get to the next level of reverence in underground circles and beyond. A sprawling adventure of a release, it… Read More »

Your Life & Mine - Under One Roof EP Artwork
Your Life & Mine – Under One Roof (, )
27th June 2019 -

“But if we bring it together and remind to remember, who cares what they say, get judged every day, so now look at each other, say this to one another, we’re the same…” Those lyrics are taken from the song ‘Remind To Remember’ by Your Life & Mine. And those lyrics while simple enough on the surface, mean far more… Read More »