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Legion Of The Damned - Slaves Of The Shadow Realm Album Artwork
Legion of the Damned – Slaves of the Shadow Realm (, )
10th January 2019 -

The 1980s were the glory days for a multitude of musical disciplines. The genre that had the biggest and longest lasting impact – at least in the realms of heavy music – was undeniably thrash. Whether it’s Master of Puppets or Raining Blood that instantly jumps to mind, it was a decade that saw a golden age for metal, with… Read More »

Khaidian - Penumbra Album Cover Artwork
Khaidian – Penumbra (, , , )
8th January 2019 -

Prog hasn’t always been cool. In the 1970s, the excessive virtuosity and middle classed barrier to entry gave rise to the rebellion of punk, and prog shrank away to a genre that one would only admit an affinity for in hushed tones. Prog became the antithesis of cool. Over the years this ostracisation lapsed, though prog fans are still depicted… Read More »

Yob - Our Raw Heart Album Cover
Yob – Our Raw Heart (, )
31st December 2018 -

Isolation is treasured by some, and a deep seated fear for others. After battling with a near fatal intestinal infection, frontman and mastermind of spiritual doom legends, Yob, Mike Scheidt found himself long confined to a hospital bed. It makes sense then that desperation and isolation are the two key flavours laced throughout the latest Yob offering, Our Raw Heart…. Read More »

Kamelot The Shadow Theory Album Cover Artwork
Kamelot – The Shadow Theory (, )
28th December 2018 -

Having lost their way slightly in the early part of this decade, the current incarnation of Kamelot really found their feet with their last album Haven. Their 2015 release was arguably their best since their golden run from the early to mid 00’s of albums like The Black Halo and Ghost Opera, so all hopes were that The Shadow Theory… Read More »

Novacrow Criminal Mastermind EP Cover Artwork
Novacrow – Criminal Mastermind EP (, )
18th December 2018 -

Starting a release is difficult. You can go in full force with an explosion of sonic ecstasy like Faith No More, build in lumbering intensity from quiet restraint like Russian Circles, or you can open with storytelling. The problem with the latter is that it conjures up the idea that your about to experience an amateurish Princess Bride style concept… Read More »