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Delain – Hunter’s Moon (, , )
22nd February 2019 -

Delain are a band that made waves a decade ago with their Breakthrough album April Rain managing to carve out a pretty good niche for themselves in the process. The years that have followed have seen the band experiment and change things up with varying degrees of success. The band hit their creative Zenith with The Lunar Prelude and Moonbathers… Read More »

Blood Youth Starve Album Cover Artwork
Blood Youth – Starve (, )
21st February 2019 -

Blood Youth’s 2017 debut Beyond Repair was an impressive first attempt at a full length from the band. It might have been a little bit on the safe side but demonstrated the band know exactly what they are doing when it comes to metalcore. Now with their second full length album Starve the band are looking to step beyond the comfort zone they… Read More »

Minors - Abject Bodies Album Cover Artwork
Minors – Abject Bodies (, )
19th February 2019 -

By now you should be familiar with Holy Roar Records. If not; you need to sort that out immediately. Purveyors if all things interesting in the world of heavy music, their output is always soulful, emotionally wrought and more often than not spine snappingly heavy. Be it the barren, contemplative bearing of the soul of A.A. Williams, or the outright… Read More »

Wheel Moving Backwards Album Cover Artwork
Wheel – Moving Backwards (, )
18th February 2019 -

Progressive is a loaded term in music. For some it signals forward thinking, expansive music that experiments in ways barely dreamt of. For others it’s a synonym for beard stroking fretboard onanism in as many time signatures as physically possible. There are many shades of progressive in heavy music, each trying to push boundaries further than the last. The latest… Read More »

Avril Lavigne Head Above Water Album Art Cover
Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water ()
15th February 2019 -

It’s not been an easy few years for Napanee’s formerly self styled muthaf*ckin princess, Avril Lavigne. Her split from her husband, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, and more so her publicly acknowledged struggle with Lyme disease, has kept her away from the world of music for far longer than she would have wished. Whilst giving her some substantial challenges to overcome,… Read More »