Iain Currie

Wednesday 13 Undead Unplugged Album Cover

    Wednesday 13 – Undead Unplugged

    Wednesday 13 has been doing the good-time, horror-inspired punk we know and love for quite some time now, and his is a formula that has stayed strong. Even today many people talk fondly of Murderdolls and his subsequent . Not one to rest on his laurels, with this latest offering he has gone for something…

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    Sabaton Heroes Album Cover

      Sabaton – Heroes

      If you wanted a lazy and probably well-trodden comparison to describe Sabaton to someone who wasn’t sure who they are, you wouldn’t be too far off with Iron Maiden. It could be a compliment to the bands epic, melodic and historical-themed anthems, or a critique of both band’s nerdy appeal and inability to really develop…

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