James Weaver

Lover of all things metal and alternative. Lamb of God are my favourite band. Die hard Manchester United fan. I'm a Music Journalism & Broadcasting student at Staffordshire University.

Memoriam For The Fallen Album Artwork Cover

    Memoriam – For The Fallen

    When news broke in 2015 that Bolt Thrower’s drummer, Martin ‘Kiddie’ Kearns, had died it marked the end of the English death metal behemoths. But, from the ashes of Bolt Thrower, arise Memoriam. Comprised largely of members of Bolt Thrower and Benediction, the old school death metal quartet are ready to wage war once again…

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    In Flames Battles Album Artwork

      In Flames – Battles

      In Flames have been one of heavy metal’s most iconic bands for a long time now. The Swedish outfit, heavily involved with the development of the iconic Gothenburg sound, have over a 26 year risen to one of the leading bands in the metal world. Whilst recent records have moved away from the cutting edge…

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      The King Is Blind Our Father Album Cover

        The King Is Blind – Our Father

        Since forming in 2013, Essex’s The King Is Blind have been making ripples in the UK’s extreme metal underground. Two years on from 2014’s The Deficiencies of Man EP, the band are ready to unleash their debut full length record, Our Father. Does this debut record inject fresh life into Britain’s blossoming modern extreme metal…

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        TesseracT - Polaris Album Cover

          TesseracT – Polaris

          TesseracT are one of those bands that get lumped into the djent movement like no tomorrow. With the movement constantly being over-saturated with bands that resemble carbon copies of each other, finding a name for yourself in progressive metal and djent has become ever so difficult. TesseracT however, have always provided the cutting edge to…

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          Disturbed Immortalized Album Cover

            Disturbed – Immortalized

            Once at the summit of modern metal, Disturbed have become a nostalgic band of sorts in recent years. Following from a four year hiatus, the band are back with their sixth studio record, Immortalized, in an attempt to pick up where they left off four years ago. But is this new offering simply an attempt…

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              The Survival Code – MMXV

              Despite the claims that guitar based music is dead, it seems to be experiencing quite the opposite with bands like Royal Blood and Bury Tomorrow leading the UK scene in their respective fields. The Survival Code are the latest band to emerge and the London three piece are set to make a name of their…

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