19 year-old student at the time of writing. I've been a fan of hard rock/metal music for about 7 or 8 years now and enjoy going to gigs (mostly in London) regularly, as well as at least one annual festival.

Sabaton Promo Photo 2019

Sabaton – A Special Feature Interview With Joakim Broden: “We actually started the recording of the album on Armistice Day”

2019 is a huge year in the world of Sabaton. The band’s 20th anniversary sees their star shining brighter than the shiniest of polished military medals. They saved the day at Hellfest with the now infamous Manowar cancellation incident, will be headlining Bloodstock Open Air Festival in the UK next month, and have just released…

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Devildriver The Last Kind Words Deluxe Reissue

Devildriver Re-Releases (Self-titled to Beast)

Devildriver’s remastered re-releases of their first five albums might feel a bit pointless to some. Indeed, there’s no real “anniversary” to make them feel warranted. ‘Beast’ and ‘Pray for Villains’ the latest albums of the five were, indeed, both released under a decade ago. However Devildriver have still had one of the best, and most…

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URNE The Mountain Of Gold EP Artwork

    URNE – The Mountain of Gold

    Hang the Bastard’s demise was the premature demise of another great British band far too soon. Thankfully, from the ashes rises something new and URNE’s debut EP is a wonderful return for a group of musicians that have been absurdly overlooked over the past few years. Combining the duo at the heart of Chapters, and…

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    Bleed From Within Era Album Cover

      Bleed From Within – Era

      With a new generation of heavy, UK-based bands you might be forgiven for forgetting the last time the UK was such a hot bed for interesting bands playing heavy music. Today’s crop originate, for the most part, from the realms of hardcore and even though acts such as Employed to Serve or Venom Prison obviously…

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      Vader The Empire Album Cover Artwork

        Vader – The Empire

        It’s testament to any bands quality that they can produce such consistently excellent work three decades into a career of extreme metal. Fortunately for us Vader remain one of these bands with latest album ‘The Empire’ being just as good as anything else they’ve produced in the past few years. All death metal needs to…

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        The King Is Blind Bloodstock 2016 Tess Donohoe

        An Interview With The King Is Blind’s Steve Tovey: “We’re really analytical about things and what we can do better next time but that’s good”

        Earlier this year at Bloodstock Open Air 2016, Rock Sins were lucky enough to catch up with Steve Tovey, frontman of one of the UK’s hottest metal exports currently; The King Is Blind. We managed to cover everything from The King Is Blind’s influences, their writing process and even a bit of politics. How do…

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        Opeth's Mikael Akerfeldt

        An Interview With Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt: “I’m a bit more interested in creating a sound that is Opeth today, or maybe for the future”

        When it comes to progressive rock and metal, in this century few bands are held in such high regard as Swedish maestros Opeth. Their chief orchestrator and frontman, Mikael Akerfeldt, is well known not only for his masterful songwriting abilities but also his dry wit and sense of humour. It was Rock Sins’ privilege to…

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        Vader Iron Times EP Artwork Cover

          Vader – Iron Times EP

          Vader’s latest EP Iron Times, intended as a taster ahead of a full studio album, lingers for the most part around the average mark. Certainly, it’s not a poor effort; Parabellum and Prayer to the God of War are typically Vader with a punishing rhythm sections pushing a more riff-driven focus compared to previous album…

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