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Tempers Fray - 7:15

Tempers Fray – ‘7:15’ (EP)

Riffs; both chuggy and meaty. Sprinkles of low-end rhythm with tight, spicy venom. No, alas, not a recipe from ‘The Metal Cookbook’ but a clear summary of what’s in-store on the debut EP from London hardcore groove-merchants Tempers Fray. Having toured with Rucktion label mates Crippler, Hard Target and an album release show with Cold…

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Behemoth - 'The Satanist'

    Behemoth – ‘The Satanist’

    Well, surely it goes without saying this was always going to be a raw, absolute behemoth. Turns out it’s in parts slower, broodier and yet with equal apocalyptic darkness as past offerings. Proceedings begin with a fire that descends almost literally into Hell itself. Absolutely captivating and intriguing, I wait for the rest of the…

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    Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly)

    Interview with Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly)

    Below is an interview that took place at the start of August, just after the release of Front Line Assembly’s new album ‘Echogenetic’ (for which you can read the review here). Due to personal commitments, I’ve only just got around to finishing typing it up, but here we are! –##– BL : Hello? MH :…

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    Front Line Assembly - 'Echogenetic'

      Front Line Assembly – ‘Echogenetic’

      (This review of ‘Echogenetic’ precedes an interview I recently did with Bill Leeb himself, in which we discuss the background and construction of the album. Check out Rock Sins in the next few days for the interview itself!) A haunting industrial ‘resonance’ (appropriately it’s title too) starts proceedings and it feels very much like the…

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        Palms – ‘Palms’

        In short, this sounds exactly what you would expect ISIS and Chino to sound like; a well produced, emotive and peaceful balance of four fantastic musicians. That said, essentially it is ISIS through and through; melodic / sweeping ambience and guitar strokes; it’s very much a mix of the ‘Panopticon’ / ‘Wavering Radiant’ era and…

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