is a long time listener, first time caller. Into Linux and networking. Music? I'll have some 80-90s death, thrash or speed metal. Love the finest Scandinavian black metal. Then some drone, ambience and atmosphere please. Get me at

Skinny Puppy - 'Weapon'

    Skinny Puppy – ‘Weapon’

    Though bands continue to come and go and many burn out after their peak or remain steadfast in the wheels of motion rehashing a dying formula, some manage to continue their work with much the same desire and influential results that they started with. One such band are pioneers of electronic industrial music Skinny Puppy,…

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    My Dying Bride - 'The Manuscript (EP)'

      My Dying Bride – ‘The Manuscript (EP)’

      Doom overlords My Dying Bride have long been known for their sombre, dark and melancholic melodies of shame and desire, and with the release of EP ‘The Manuscript’, this is a reputation they are unlikely to lose. Themes such as religion, fantasy, desire and loss have always been a staple of the foundations that are…

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        Darkthrone – ‘The Underground Resistance’

        Darkthrone, since the early 1990s, have pioneered and influenced many artists under the broad ‘metal’ banner with their raw, true and varied approach to their sound and song-writing. With 1992’s ‘A Blaze in the Northern Sky’ a permanent staple of my music playlists, I’ve been a long-time fan and when I received ‘The Cult is…

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          Mastodon – ‘The Hunter’

          Mastodon are a band who, in my eyes, are in the vein of Opeth in as much as their music is not only undeniably brilliant, but also accessible when the time is taken to absorb and appreciate their moderately unique musical tapestry. Much like their Swedish counterparts, the new album marks another change in their…

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          Opeth - 'Heritage'

            Opeth – Heritage

            Opeth… quite simply one of the best bands around, and one of my favourites. What follows is a review of their latest album, the opinion dividing ‘Heritage’. Now, firstly it should be noted that Opeth are not a band of convention; they have always said that they are not afraid to experiment and diverse themselves…

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