Shaun Brown

Vola - Applause From A Distant Crowd Album Cover Artwork

VOLA – Applause of a Distant Crowd

Bursting forth from their Danish homeland with enough ideas to put even the most ardent of musicians to shame, progressive quartet VOLA have set out their stall to become a shining beacon in the world of interesting, inventive and technically challenging rock music. With sophomore album ‘Applause of a Distant Crowd’ featuring more twists and…

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TurboWolf - The Free Life Album Cover Artwork

    Turbowolf – The Free Life

    If there’s one band currently plying their trade within the UK rock scene that you could never accuse of playing it safe, that band would be Turbowolf. Notoriously hard to label and known for dipping their toes into almost every genre imaginable, this eclectic quartet have continued to leave no stone left unturned on third…

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    Nervus - Everything Dies Album Art

      Nervus – Everything Dies

      When it comes to combining poignant, heartfelt lyrics with soaring melody and hook-laden choruses, there are few bands who could stand toe to toe with the fast-rising Nervus. Fresh off the back of touring with another of the UK’s hottest prospects at the tail end of last year at Creeper’s Theatre of Fear shows, this…

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      Black Moth Anatomical Venus Album Cover Artwork

        Black Moth – Anatomical Venus

        2018 is promising to be an incredibly big year for Black Moth. Hotly tipped from all corners of the industry to make a real impact over the next 12 months, the Leeds quintet are looking to take the first step to fulfilling their undoubted potential with new record ‘Anatomical Venus’, and what a first step…

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