Metal Gig Reviews

By Claire Frays, 24th April 2019 Gig Reviews, News

If there’s one thing Tobias Sammet loves more than anything in the world, it is England – the home of Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris. Just look up his song England with his other band Edguy which is completely devoted to our wonderful country and the Iron Maiden bass player in… Read More »

By Philip Whitehead, 25th February 2019 Gig Reviews, News

Sinsaenum seems like such an odd proposition on paper. Taking members of power metal giants DragonForce and festival toppers Slipknot, and throwing them in with extreme metal figures from Mayhem, Loudblast, Seth and Dååth just doesn’t make much sense upon first glance. But this group has come out of the… Read More »

By Gail El-Halaby, 14th February 2019 Gig Reviews, News

Texas based prog metallers Polyphia had been a band I had listened to for a while now, but after the release of their most recent album “New Levels New Devils” seeing the quartet live was on the top of my agenda, and they lived up to every expectation I had… Read More »

By Jack Fermor-Worrell, 13th February 2019 Gig Reviews, News

Over the last couple of years, it seems as though more and more British bands have been stepping up to bigger stages, with the likes of Architects in particular really seeming to hit their stride in recent times. Enter Shikari are another such band, having packed out arenas and topped… Read More »

By Sam Savigny, 11th February 2019 Gig Reviews, News

There is one sure fire way to tell if a gig is going to be well attended before the queues starts. Look for the touts. Listen for them. You will find these parasites at only the best selling of events, and tonight their disgusting practice is in full flow. Tickets… Read More »