Metal Gig Reviews

By Neil, 11th January 2010 Gig Reviews, News

I am willing to bet all of us have at least one story that involves drinking copious amounts of alcohol and comedic revelry. Out of these moments grand ideas are formulated and often brought to life only to be laughed upon and thrown back into the pit of stupidity. That… Read More »

By Neil, 29th December 2009 Gig Reviews, News

Rocksins’ latest live metal review comes to you straight from the US of A. I was going to write a review on the entire lineup of this year’s Stillbornfest acts but it ended up being more so about one band than any of the others so I have decided to… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 19th December 2009 Gig Reviews

When you see a gig advertised jam packed with up and coming British Metal bands for the price of £8, you know you should be there, even more when the latest (and arguably greatest, sorry Malefice and Exit Ten) metal band to come out of Reading in the last few… Read More »

By Neil, 11th December 2009 Gig Reviews

Imagine if you will, a vehicle so evil and menacing that the very sight of it strikes terror deep into your soul. Picture that evil beast exploding out of nowhere and charging towards you at unimaginable speeds followed by the loudest thunder you have heard. Feel your body being viciously… Read More »

By Neil, 19th November 2009 Gig Reviews, News

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with someone about upcoming shows at Jaxx, the local venue I catch most shows at. I made the comment that I wanted to go see the Sex Slaves and he proceeded to tell me just how blown away I would be if… Read More »