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By Jamie Giberti, 19th November 2009 Interviews, News

Rocksins has been very lucky to have a chance to interview Bryan Herweg, Pelican’s bassist. Here are his thoughts on recording their new album, touring, and “really strong pot”. Rocksins: Did you have a set musical direction you wanted to take with your new album (What We All Come To… Read More »

By Neil, 19th November 2009 Interviews, News

I Am Forever recently came up on my register, and their offering a track from their new EP We Are The Fire free over at Rocksins: hey guys hows it going? Tom: Yeah we’re great thanks, we’ve just had a busy few days demoing new tracks for our next EP… Read More »

By Neil, 2nd November 2009 Interviews, News

Rocksins caught up with Exit Ten ahead of their Hellfire II performance. We recently reviewed the latest release from the band, “Remember the Day” but a new album is due out soon. Rocksins: So how did you guys get together? Chris: Well we have 3 brothers in the band and a… Read More »

By Neil, 21st October 2009 Interviews, News

After reviewing the bands latest (and quite frankly brilliant) album – Herald Moth (review can be read here), Rocksins had time to catch up with InMe to find out how the band are doing, Rocksins: Hey guys hows it going? Greg: It’s all cool. Rocksins: How’s the tour going for your recently released… Read More »

By Neil, 20th October 2009 Interviews, News

Rocksins recently had chance to hook up with Hundred Reasons. A Few months after the re-release of their Quick the Word, Sharp the Action on their own label, due to not being dropped from one label, but 2. Still going strong, Hundred Reasons show superb talent that makes every gig… Read More »