Metal Music Interviews

By Jamie Giberti, 23rd December 2009 Interviews

I was recently lucky enough to catch up with Josh Middleton, guitarist from Sylosis for an exclusive chat before their headlining show at The Garage in London (for a review of the show please click here) about the snow, what 2009 has done for Sylosis, The Thrash Big Four and… Read More »

By Neil, 5th December 2009 Interviews

Rocksins recently had time to catch up with Oceans Upon Us, an up and coming unsigned UK band, who have been nice enough to take some time out of their currently hectic schedule to have a chat with us about the band, and their upcoming EP “The Last Word” –… Read More »

By Neil, 3rd December 2009 Interviews, News

Rockins has recently been lucky to catch up with Rich and Pete from the brilliant up and coming UK Metal band Warpath, Check it out below: Rocksins: Hey guys how’s it going? Rich: Great thanks! Pete: Good thank you, rocking as always. Rocksins: Tell us a little about Warpath –… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 19th November 2009 Interviews, News

Rocksins has been very lucky to have a chance to interview Bryan Herweg, Pelican’s bassist. Here are his thoughts on recording their new album, touring, and “really strong pot”. Rocksins: Did you have a set musical direction you wanted to take with your new album (What We All Come To… Read More »

By Neil, 19th November 2009 Interviews, News

I Am Forever recently came up on my register, and their offering a track from their new EP We Are The Fire free over at Rocksins: hey guys hows it going? Tom: Yeah we’re great thanks, we’ve just had a busy few days demoing new tracks for our next EP… Read More »