By Jamie Giberti, 19th November 2009 Interviews, News

Rocksins has been very lucky to have a chance to interview Bryan Herweg, Pelican’s bassist. Here are his thoughts on recording their new album, touring, and “really strong pot”. Rocksins: Did you have a set musical direction you wanted to take with your new album (What We All Come To… Read More »

By Neil, 19th November 2009 Gig Reviews, News

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with someone about upcoming shows at Jaxx, the local venue I catch most shows at. I made the comment that I wanted to go see the Sex Slaves and he proceeded to tell me just how blown away I would be if… Read More »

By Neil, 19th November 2009 Interviews, News

I Am Forever recently came up on my register, and their offering a track from their new EP We Are The Fire free over at Rocksins: hey guys hows it going? Tom: Yeah we’re great thanks, we’ve just had a busy few days demoing new tracks for our next EP… Read More »

By Neil, 17th November 2009 Gig Reviews, News

This past summer while at Mayhem Fest, I won front of line access to the meet and greet with All That Remains after their set. Up until that day I had only heard the few songs from the All That Remains catalog that get played everywhere online. I really hadn’t… Read More »

By Neil, 16th November 2009 Gig Reviews, News

Seeing Kivimetsan Druidi was something I was looking forward to ever since I discovered them online a short while ago. My wish finally came true when KmD came through in their supporting role on Heathenfest America. As soon as they hit the stage you are immediately drawn into the world… Read More »