By ChrisAxe, 2nd January 2011 News

The previously posted Lamb Of God Interview has just been declared a Fake by Chris Adler. Chris himself got in touch with the team here at Rock Sins to let us know the following: “Hey guys, The recent interview you posted with me, though not inflammatory, is entirely fraudulent. Our… Read More »

Rocksins 2010 End Of Year Picks – Mike

By Neil, 31st December 2010 News

Best album of the year: InMe – Herald Moth This album completely took me by surprise, and I think it’s the album that sticks out in my mind for being memorable this year. Having already been familiar with some original InMe tracks, I had been half expecting the same sort… Read More »

By ChrisAxe, 31st December 2010 Interviews, News

We had the opportunity to chat with Chilean Thrash metal legends Nuclear about all things metal, their new album ‘Jehovirus’ and throwing band members out of a hot air balloon. Here is what bass player Raimundo Correa had to say…. 1. Tell us a little about the latest album ‘Jehovirus’… Read More »

Rocksins 2010 End Of Year Picks – Chris

By ChrisAxe, 29th December 2010 News

As 2010 draws itself to a close I have cast my minds eye back over what has been a fantastic year for music. We were posed a series of questions, Best Album, Best Gig, Best Festival, you get the idea, and off I went to answer these, or rather evading… Read More »

Rocksins 2010 End of Year Picks – Jamie

By Jamie Giberti, 27th December 2010 News

For the Rocksins end of year picks, rather than doing the standard top X albums, we thought we’d do something a little different. Each one of us will be picking our end of year highlights, so you can respond to us in kind if you want to. Here are my… Read More »