The Best Tattoos In Metal – Round #2 Results.

By Neil, 7th April 2010 News

Renae: This battle featured Shagrath and Phil Anselmo. Each them bringing some impressive ink into the competition. Phil has a sweet collection of tattoos that he has built upon over the years. When you think of Phil, you think of metal and therefore his tattoo work screams metal as well…. Read More »

Best Tattoos In Metal – Round #2 Vote Now!!!

By Neil, 5th April 2010 News

The voting for round #2 is now open. Who will advance and who will go down like a little girl with a skinned knee? That deciding vote could be yours so vote now and be sure to get your friends in on the action as well. We will announce the… Read More »

Best Tattoos In Metal – Round #1 Results

By Neil, 5th April 2010 News

Renae: Starting things off for us was Kirk Windstein versus Rob Halford. Kirk has some amazing sleeves whereas Rob comes at us with more of a gallery of tattoos spread across his entire body. My vote is for Kirk for having more complete pieces of work. Rob has some interesting… Read More »

The Best Tattoos In Metal – Vote Now!!!

By Neil, 2nd April 2010 News

The other day I made a random tweet and asked people who their favorite tattooed metal musicians are. The responses I got prompted a little spark in my brain to take this information and turn it into a competition. I have put together a contest to determine the best tattoos… Read More »

By Neil, 29th March 2010 Interviews, News

We recently had chance to have a chat with Benji from Skindred during their show in Reading at Sub89, supported by Malefice, Forever Never and Revoker. Here’s what he had to say: Rocksins: We had chance to catch you at your Woking show earlier this month, how did it go… Read More »