Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Avatar - Hunter Gatherer Album Cover Artwork

Avatar – Hunter Gatherer

Theatricality in rock music has long served as a means for bands to make themselves stand out from the crowd and draw...
Broadside - Into The Raging Sea Album Cover Artwork

Broadside – Into The Raging Sea

If 2020 was an album title, it would be Into The Raging Sea. In fact, this review needs to drop soon otherwise...
Year Of The Knife - Internal Incarceration Album Cover Artwork

Year Of The Knife – Internal Incarceration

On ‘Internal Incarceration’, Delaware based band Year Of The Knife deliver a straight-up hardcore debut record that cuts right to the point....

Jaye Jayle – Prisyn

Evan Patterson may not be a household name, but his artistry stretches across myriad borders.
Creeper - Sex, Death & The Infinite Void Album Cover Artwork

Creeper – Sex, Death & The Infinite Void

When it comes to theatricality in music there are those that get it and those that don't. Creeper fall very much into...

Fall of Messiah – Senicarne

Few things in this life are absolute, but relentlessly excellent releases from Holy Roar are a certainty.

Alain Johannes – Hum

Great music is often, though not exclusively, born from pain. Look across your record collection, Spotify library or whatever medium suits you and you will often find torment at the heart of great artistry.
Jet Fuel Chemistry - Sign Of The Times EP Artwork Cover

Jet Fuel Chemistry – Sign Of The Times

Irish alt-metal / metalcore crew Jet Fuel Chemistry are a new band to come across the Rock Sins radar. Having been together...

Imperial Triumphant – Alphaville

When you think of black metal chances are The Beatles don’t come to mind.

Entry – Detriment

Built with concision, the debut LP from LA based hardcore punks, Entry, is a compact and ferocious composition.
Trivium - A Light Or A Distant Mirror - full band 800px @wheresbryce

Trivium – A Light or A Distant Mirror (Live From Full...

If you're a regular gig goer - we would imagine you've seen your fair share of live streams over the last three...
On Hollow Ground - Blood Is Blood Album Cover Artwork

On Hollow Ground – Blood is Blood

Getting people to pay attention and become invested in your music is often no easy task for a debut album. Leeds metalcore...

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