Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Bury Tomorrow – Cannibal

Over the course of the last 14 years Bury Tomorrow have molded themselves into one of the most exciting and consistent in...

Phoxjaw – Royal Swan

There have been some stunning debuts in the last few years. Half a decade’s worth of phenomenal music punctuated by brilliant beginnings.
Emmure Hindsight Album Cover

Emmure – Hindsight

Emmure are a band who divide opinion like very few others. Sure, there are controversial bands, bands you either love or hate,...
Protest The Hero - Palimpsest Album Cover Artwork

Protest The Hero – Palimpsest

With everything going on in the world right now, a small bit of positivity can be found in knowing that Protest The...

Lamb of God – Lamb of God

Is it fair to expect international megastars of metal to continue to push the boundaries of their sound twenty-six years into a career?
The Ghost Inside Self Titled Album Cover

The Ghost Inside – The Ghost Inside

When we talk about comeback stories, few are as inspiring as the story of The Ghost Inside. Their horrific bus crash from...
Bleed From Within - Fracture Album Cover

Bleed From Within – Fracture

Bleed From Within have been one of the most criminally overlooked metal bands of the last decade. The Glaswegians have released several...

Xibalba – Años En Infierno

On Años En Infierno, the band successfully toe the line between experimentation and stagnation to make this an interesting and fulfilling listen.
Sertraline - Clouded Minds & Silver Lines EP Artwork

Sertraline – Clouded Minds & Silver Lines EP

“We won’t let them win, stand together as we say. Hate will never be the death of me”2205, Clouded Minds & Silver...
Boston Manor - Glue Album Cover Artwork

Boston Manor – Glue

Having firmly shaken off the pop-punk tag they have had since their inception, Boston Manor have proven to be one of the...
The Homeless Gospel Choir - This Land Is Your Landfil Album Cover Artwork

The Homeless Gospel Choir – This Land Is Your Landfil

The Homeless Gospel Choir, also known as Derek Zanetti has spent the last couple of years building his profile within the DIY...
Katatonia - City Burials Album Cover Artwork

Katatonia – City Burials

Katatonia, much like their Scandinavian contemporaries Opeth, essentially have two acts to their career. The original musical direction of the band, very...

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