Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Hatebreed - Weight Of The False Self Album Cover Artwork

Hatebreed – Weight of the False Self

Hardcore music at it’s finest provides an instant cathartic release for it’s audience and there’s an argument that no one does that...

Palm Reader – Sleepless

Though it retains the inimitable and sincere ethos of the scene that birthed them, ultimately, Palm Reader are now more than “just hardcore”.
Like Moths To Flames - No Eternity In Gold Album Cover Artwork

Like Moths To Flames – No Eternity In Gold

On their 5th studio album, metalcore stalwarts Like Moths To Flames showcase their years of experience in the scene with their highest...

Ice Nine Kills – The Silver Stream

2020 has been a frankly bonkers year. Let's be honest. But with everything that has happened, the disappearance of live music is...

Ice Nine Kills – I Heard They Kill Live!!

Live albums can be quite a hard sell at the best of times. For as good as they can be and there...
Pelugion - II - Album Cover Artwork

Pelugion – II

It’s been two longs years since we least heard from Coventry Heavy Metal purveyors Pelugion, but just in time for the end...
Hands Like Houses - Self Titled EP Artwork Cover

Hands Like Houses – Self-titled EP

Australia’s Hands Like Houses have had a clear curvature progression to their career to this point that step-by-step has become more refined....

Zeal & Ardor – Wake Of A Nation

Zeal & Ardor as a band has always covered themes of oppression, and the darker side of human nature. The content of...

Salem – Salem

Salem, share their name with the place where the infamous witch trials happened (although i'd like to think the band are all...

Sevendust – Blood & Stone

There are few bands out there as reliable as Sevendust. A band that was seemingly lumped into a scene they outgrew a...

Mr. Bungle – The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo

In 2020, Mr. Bungle find themselves in an enviable position. For the uber-long-term die-hards of the avant-garde collective hearing these tracks re-recorded with a modern production will be like all their Christian holidays of choice coming at once.
Fever 333 - Wrong Generation Album Cover Artwork

Fever 333 – Wrong Generation

The Trajectory that Fever 333 have on been over the last 2 years is nothing short of remarkable. Signing with Roadrunner Records,...

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