Rocksins Spotify Playlist

By Jamie Giberti, 15th May 2018 News, Rocksins Spotify Playlist

It’s time for another weeks worth of new and classic tunes with the Rock Sins Spotify Playlist! We are kicking things off this week with The Woodpile by Frightened Rabbit in tribute to their frontman Scott Hutchison, who left us all a few days ago. Our deepest sympathies to his… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 25th April 2018 Features, News, Rocksins Spotify Playlist

This weeks’ installment of the Rock Sins Spotify playlist is once again jam packed with great new singles, tracks from upcoming and recently released albums, and a few old favourites thrown in for good measure. Kicking things off with the mighty Architects “Nihilist”, we feature songs from a number of… Read More »

By Connor Morris, 18th April 2018 Features, News, Rocksins Spotify Playlist

Following the launch of our weekly spotify playlist and feature last week, we’re back for round two this time! This week, we’ve got some more cracking songs from bands and acts all over the musical spectrum. Bury Tomorrow’s huge comeback single, Black Flame? Got it. The new Ghost song that… Read More »

By Connor Morris, 10th April 2018 Features, News, Rocksins Spotify Playlist

So here at Rock Sins, we’ve finally decided to join the 21st Century. By that, we mean we’ve finally set up a Spotify playlist. Every week, we’ll be providing our lovely readers and listeners with twenty new tracks to soundtrack your week. The songs will be a mixture of new… Read More »