Metal Music Interviews

By Jamie Giberti, 18th May 2017 Interviews, News

It’s a busy time in the world of UK rockers Fizzy Blood. They recently released a new single, and have been tearing up the UK in the company of none other than While She Sleeps. Just before that tour started we caught up with their guitarist Paul Howells to talk… Read More »

By Neil, 16th May 2017 Features, Interviews, Introducing, News

Time to introduce our readers to a brand new band. This time around, Cheshire alt / grunge outfit Plastic are stepping up to the mark to tell us about their upcoming new music, McDonalds Ice Cream, and how one of their band sometimes resembles a certain Simpsons’ character who likes… Read More »

By Simon Crampton, 15th May 2017 Interviews, News

Shinedown are one of the biggest rock bands in America. They are currently over in the UK as special guests to Iron Maiden on their Book of Souls tour. Opening for Iron Maiden is no easy task for anyone, so how are the band handling it? Well, I went to… Read More »

By Ali Cooper, 26th April 2017 Features, Interviews, News, Special Features

2017 has already seen dark and uncertain times across the globe. While charismatic frontman Chris Motionless laughs off any intention of running for US president, Motionless in White’s year continues on the road across the States plus a trip to the European festival circuit, with their first appearance on Download Festival’s… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 19th April 2017 Interviews, News

Dream Theater need little introduction, after all, they are the world’s biggest progressive metal band. They are currently on the road celebrating the 25th anniversary of their breakthrough album, Images and Words, something we focused on recently in a Rock Sins special feature. Taking the spotlight on Images and Words… Read More »