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By Jamie Giberti, 11th August 2017 Download, Festival News, Gig Reviews, News

Concluding our coverage of the summer’s great rock and metal shindig, Download 2017, just in time for the other biggest one, Bloodstock Open Air 2017, to take place, the review of the action of the final day begins with the Zippo Encore Stage. But first, make sure you check out… Read More »

By Simon Crampton, 9th August 2017 , ,

Maria Brink is a frontwoman for all seasons. With each passing In This Moment there is a new look and some form of new element added to the band’s arsenal. Going from being a straight ahead metalcore act they have filtered their sound through industrial, metal and more polished pop metal leanings over the years. they even flirted with a bit of… Read More »

By Jack Fermor-Worrell, 8th August 2017 Gig Reviews, News

When you think of places to go and watch hard-hitting punk rock bands do their thing, perhaps Liverpool on a Sunday night might not be at the top of that list. On this particular occasion though, you’d be wrong to assume as much, as Massachusetts-based horror punk outfit Energy are… Read More »

By Neil, 7th August 2017 Features, News, Video Of The Week

Last time out British black metal favourites Cradle Of Filth were our winners, and this time we’ve got another six videos of all kinds for you to choose from. Where else are we going to start this time but with our favourite Florida metallers? Trivium are back and in a… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 7th August 2017 , , ,

I haven’t felt like writing the last few weeks since the death of Chester Bennington, or listening to any new music. I’ve virtually done nothing in terms of listening but blasted Linkin Park’s discography on endless repeat for over a fortnight. Slowly, my desire to listen to other things has been returning, and that is partly done to the excellent… Read More »