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By Jamie Giberti, 11th March 2019 News

A highly competitive video of the week this time around saw three of our five entrants dueling it out. But as usual there can only be one winner. This time, it was West Sussex alt-rock trio Gloo, with their latest single Stop And Stare. They amassed Just over half of… Read More »

By Neil, 8th March 2019 Features, Rocksins Spotify Playlist

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2019, we’ve put together a very special installment of our playlist feature. With old favourites from the likes of No Doubt, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and Garbage through to brand new tracks from the likes of Dream State and Venom Prison, there are all flavours… Read More »

By Sam Dignon, 8th March 2019 ,

There has been a large amount of buzz surrounding Holding Absence over the last few years. Their early singles and split EP with Loathe showed promise and seemed to really win people over. Now it’s their time to show what they are capable of with a full album and prove if they are worthy of all the hype. For the most Holding Absence is an… Read More »

By James Holder, 7th March 2019 , ,

It’s funny how some bands just seem to appear out of nowhere. A year ago, At The Sun were relatively under the radar, but over the course of the last few months their name seems to have been everywhere. You might be tempted to think that the band have now done the hard bit, their name is out there, but… Read More »

By Claire Frays, 7th March 2019 ,

Much has been said about the modern Children of Bodom sound. You either love the direction they’ve gone or are still crying with your Flying-V and waiting for another hybrid of Hatebreeder or Follow the Reaper to come along. It’s somewhat hard to believe that it’s closing in on almost three decades since the then-young Finnish quintet first burst onto… Read More »