Alternative Reviews

Hunter Kill Hunter - II - Cover
Hunter Kill Hunter – II (, )
7th February 2017 -

With the aptly titled II, Hunter Kill Hunter expand on what was put forward by their debut EP. The London based 5 piece call themselves Alternative Rock, but there is far too much going on here for them to simply fall under such a broad umbrella. II is 7 tracks of differing musical ideas, ranging from piano based chord progressions… Read More »

Deaf Havana All These Countless Nights Album Artwork Cover
Deaf Havana – All These Countless Nights (, )
24th January 2017 -

It’s no secret that being in a medium-sized rock band isn’t particularly lucrative. It’s also easy to forget just how long lots of the “new wave” of English alternative rock groups have been kicking it for: Lower Than Atlantis and the recently retired We Are The Ocean celebrate their tenth birthdays this year, whilst Don Broco and Young Guns are… Read More »

BAND-MAID – Just Bring It (, , )
23rd January 2017 -

BAND-MAID is a J-Rock band that’s been threatening to make waves in the west for a while now. They first gained attention as little more than a gimmick, as the contrast between their hard hitting J-Rock/metal songs and their cutesy French maid imagery became a talking point in the metal community. However, they have the music to prove that they’re… Read More »

Nine Inch Nails Not The Actual Events EP Cover
Nine Inch Nails – Not The Actual Events (, )
19th January 2017 -

It says a lot about Trent Reznor, that he can tease his audience with the promise of new Nine Inch Nails music a year in advance and have people not lose interest, even when he then decides to surprise release that music 2 days before Christmas. But in a world of instant gratification, Trent is one of those musicians who… Read More »

Kitsune Art – Signals of Synchronism (, , )
16th January 2017 -

Spain is something of an oddity in that, despite having popular festivals and being a regular stop point for European tours, the local scene has still yet to throw out any truly outstanding bands. The latest act to attempt to remedy that is the alternative metal group Kitsune Art, who released their first album Signals of Synchronism in December. Delivering… Read More »