Alternative Reviews

The Damned Things – High Crimes (, , )
26th April 2019 -

It’s been a long time coming, but finally after a near decade long wait we have been blessed with a new album from The Damned Things. For those out of the loop The Damned Things are a group comprising of members of Fall Out Boy, Every Time I Die, Anthrax and Alkaline Trio which I know frankly sounds mental on… Read More »

Blaqk Audio – Only Things We Love ()
12th March 2019 -

It seems remarkable that of all the side projects that Davey Havok has featured in over the years, 3 of which include his partner in crime Jade Puget, that Blaqk Audio is the one that has soldiered on. It speaks volumes that Only Things We Love is the fourth studio album by the duo. It shows a commitment to this… Read More »

Holding Absence - Holding Absence Album Cover Artwork
Holding Absence – Holding Absence (, )
8th March 2019 -

There has been a large amount of buzz surrounding Holding Absence over the last few years. Their early singles and split EP with Loathe showed promise and seemed to really win people over. Now it’s their time to show what they are capable of with a full album and prove if they are worthy of all the hype. For the most Holding Absence is an… Read More »

Delain – Hunter’s Moon (, , )
22nd February 2019 -

Delain are a band that made waves a decade ago with their Breakthrough album April Rain managing to carve out a pretty good niche for themselves in the process. The years that have followed have seen the band experiment and change things up with varying degrees of success. The band hit their creative Zenith with The Lunar Prelude and Moonbathers… Read More »

Blood Red Shoes - Get Tragic Album Cover
Blood Red Shoes – Get Tragic (, )
14th February 2019 -

There’s not much that matches the feeling of discovering a new favourite song. Especially if it’s from a band or artist that you haven’t heard before. It’s a kind of swept off your feet, love at first sight kind of feeling. The kind of feeling normally reserved for Mr Darcy or the lead in a Richard Curtis movie. All of… Read More »