Alternative Reviews

Deftones – Gore (, )
11th October 2016 -

Deftones’ eighth album ‘Gore’ is a good addition to their back catalogue, providing you can give it valuable time to properly sink in and appreciate its appeal.

The Lounge Kittens Sequins and C-Bombs Album Cover
The Lounge Kittens – Sequins & C-Bombs ()
7th September 2016 -

Lets start this review by being perfectly honest; The Lounge Kittens are not usually the kind of band you’d find on Rock Sins. But then, there aren’t too many very talented trio’s of female lounge singers who can cover the likes of Steel Panther and make it as fun as Jen, Zan and Timia can. With Sequins & C-Bombs being… Read More »

10th August 2016 -

Babymetal. I’m sure you’ve heard that name by now. The young J-Pop idols singing cute and innocent lyrics about chocolate and bubblegum over blastbeats and shredding guitar solos have created a major stir in the western world, both in the mainstream and in the rock and metal scene, with their self-titled debut album in 2014. As such, following appearances at… Read More »

Chasing Dragons Faction Prologue EP Artwork
Chasing Dragons – Faction: Prologue EP (, , )
8th April 2016 -

True to its name, Chasing Dragons’ ‘Faction: Prologue EP’ is a fantastic teaser of their talents and a solid promise to leave no stone unturned.

Hiraeth Tracklisting 1. Miracles 2. Finding My Feet 3. The Sign 4. Paper Mountains 5. Electric 6. Sleeping Easy
Years Young – Hiraeth EP (, )
3rd February 2016 -

Home is where the heart is, no matter how many Years Young you may be. With a consistently beautiful melodic core swathed in electric reflection, it’s plain to see Lincolnshire alt-rock outfit Years Young are by no means an afterthought – this EP has evidently taken valuable time and dedication, and every note sings its own praises. Voluminous opener ‘Miracles’… Read More »